Interstate 675 and 680 in Ohio

Interstate 680 in Ohio

Interstate 675 in Ohio

Get started Miamisburg
End Fairborn
Length 27 mi
Length 43 km
→ Cincinnati / Toledo2 Miamisburg-Centerville Road

4 Fair Hills Avenue

7 Wilmington Pike

10 Indian Ripple Road

13 → Dayton / Xenia

15 Wright Field

16 National Road

17 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

20 Dayton-Yellow Springs Road

22 Xenia Drive

24 Dayton-Springfield Road

27 → Indianapolis / Columbus

Interstate 675 or I -675 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Ohio. The highway forms the eastern bypass of the Dayton metropolitan area. The highway runs from Interstate 75 at Miamisburg to Interstate 70 at Fairborn. The route is 43 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-675 along the east side of Dayton.

I-675 at Dayton.

South of Dayton, at Miamisburg, I-675 branches off from Interstate 75, the highway from Cincinnati to Toledo and Detroit. The highway will then have 2×3 lanes and will run to the northeast and serve the eastern suburbs of Dayton, including the largest suburb Kettering with 58,000 inhabitants. At Beavercreek one crosses US 35, a longer highway from Dayton to Xenia and Chillicothe. You will then pass an air force base and the airport of Dayton. Just past Fairborn, the highway ends at Interstate 70, the highway from Indianapolis to Columbus.

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Interstate 675 was the last major Ohio city bypass to be constructed. Construction began in the early 1970s and circa 1974 the first 10 miles opened around Fairborn, which was extended to I-70 circa 1976. After this, construction was halted for a while, opening a few kilometers at the southern starting point in 1985, but most of the bypass did not open to traffic until 1987.

Construction was halted for a decade because politicians feared an exodus from the city, since business along I-675 was much more accessible than in downtown Dayton. By 1987, the entire I-675 was completed.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Date
Exit 16 Grange Hall Road Exit 22 Fairborn / Xenia 10 km about 1974
Exit 22 Fairborn / Xenia Exit 26 6 km about 1976
exit 0 Exit 2 Miamisburg 3 km about 1985
Exit 2 Miamisburg Exit 16 Grange Hall Road 23 km about 1987


There have been wishes since the 1990s to extend I-675 to I-70 west of Dayton. This would make the highway nearly twice as long, giving Dayton a three-quarter ring. However, the plans are not concrete.

Lane Configuration

I-675 on the south side of Dayton.

From Unpleasant Lanes length
Exit 0 I-75 Exit 2 Miamisburg-Centerville Road 2×2 3 km
Exit 2 Miamisburg-Centerville Road Exit 13 US 35 2×3 18 km
Exit 13 US 35 Exit 15 Wright Field 2×4 3 km
Exit 15 Wright Field Exit 17 Wright-Patterson AFB 2×3 3 km
Exit 17 Wright-Patterson AFB Exit 27 I-70 2×2 16 km

Traffic intensities

About 50,000 vehicles drive daily from I-75 onto I-675. This increases to a maximum of 70,000 vehicles in 2×3 lanes. This does not cause congestion problems.

Interstate 680 in Ohio

Begin Youngstown
End North Lima
Length 16 mi
Length 26 km
1 → Cleveland / East Liverpool2 Meridian Road

3A → Ashtabula

3B Belle Vista Avenue

3C Wellington Avenue

4A → Youngstown Loop

4B Mahoning Avenue

5 Edwards Street

6A Woodland Avenue

6B → Youngstown Loop

7 South Avenue

8 Shirley Road

9 Midlothian Boulevard

11 Boardman-Poland Road

14 Western Reserve Road

→ Pittsburgh

Interstate 680 or I -680 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Ohio. The highway connects the eastern city of Youngstown with Interstate 80 and Interstate 76 and is primarily a north-south route. The highway is 26 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-680 in Youngstown.

The highway begins on the northwest side of Youngstown at an interchange with Interstate 80 and SR-11. The highway will initially run in 2×2 lanes to the east, but from the center to the south. South of the center, 2×3 lanes are available for traffic. At North Lima, I-680 joins Interstate 76 toll road, which continues to Pittsburgh.


The highway has its origins in a 1952 Youngstown area road plan. In 1958, this route was planned as part of I-78, which was to run from Cleveland to I-76 south of Youngstown. Later that year, I-78 was scrapped in Ohio and the route was planned as I-480, and construction on the highway began in September 1960. In 1962, I-680 was chosen, and that year the first section opened, the two-mile bypass of downtown Youngstown. In 1969, an extension opened westward to I-80. Then, in the 1970s, the highway was built south from Youngstown to the Ohio Turnpike (I-76). Circa 1974 the section opened to Poland and in 1976 further to the turnpike.

Opening history

Van Unpleasant Length Datum
Exit 5 Mahoning Avenue Exit 7 South Avenue 3 km circa 1962
Exit 0 Exit 5 Mahoning Avenue 8 km circa 1969
Exit 7 South Avenue Exit 11 Poland (US 224) 6 km circa 1974
Exit 11 Poland (US 224) Exit 16 8 km circa 1976

Interstate 680 in Ohio