Interstate 564 and 664 in Virginia

Interstate 664 in Virginia

Interstate 564 in Virginia

Get started Norfolk
End Norfolk Naval Station
Length 2.5 mi
Length 4.5 km
→ Newport NewsGranby Street

Terminal Boulevard

Port of Norfolk

Bainbridge Avenue

Interstate 564 or I -564 is a short Interstate Highway in the US state of Virginia. The highway branches off Interstate 64 in the north of the city of Norfolk, and then continues to the large Norfolk Naval Base, for a distance of 4.5 kilometers.

Travel directions

Interstate 564 splits off Interstate 64 in north Norfolk and briefly has 5 lanes in each direction, but soon narrows to 2×3 lanes. The highway passes through a short tunnel under the runway at Naval Air Station Norfolk and ends at State Route 337.

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Despite the short route, the highway has been constructed in phases. On June 1, 1971, the first 1 kilometer west of I-64 opened, and on November 20, 1974, a short 1 kilometer stretch to the west opened. On August 4, 1977, the last 3 kilometers to the naval base opened. The highway originally had 2×2 lanes and was widened to 2×3 lanes in 1993. On December 21, 2017, a 2-kilometer branch with 2×2 lanes opened to the Port of Norfolk.

Traffic intensities

64,000 vehicles use this highway every day.

Interstate 581 in Virginia

Get started Roanoke
End Hollins
Length 6 mi
Length 10 km
1 → Knoxville / Staunton2 Peters Creek Road

3 Roanoke Regional Airport

3C Valley View Mall


5 Lee Highway

6 Downtown Roanoke

Interstate 581 or I -581 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Virginia. The highway connects the city of Roanoke with Interstate 81 and is 10 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Interstate 581 through Roanoke.

I-581 begins at an interchange with Interstate 81 on the edge of a ridge just outside the town of Roanoke. The highway heads south and runs in 2×3 lanes through the town of Roanoke. I-581 runs right past downtown, then I-581 becomes US 220, which is also a highway south of Roanoke, continuing on to Martinsville and Greensboro.


The first 9 kilometers between I-81 and US 460 was opened in three phases between December 21, 1964 and September 14, 1965. The last kilometer opened to traffic on October 12, 1967. In 1980, the connecting Southwest Expressway, part of US 220, opened.

Traffic intensities

Up to 80,000 vehicles use the highway every day because it runs directly past the center of the city.

Interstate 664 in Virginia

Get started Hampton
End Chesapeake
Length 21 mi
Length 33 km
1 → Richmond / Norfolk2 Power Plant Parkway

3 Aberdeen Road

4 Chestnut Avenue

5 Warwick Boulevard

6 26th Street

7 Terminal Avenue

8 College Drive

9 → Portsmouth

10 Pughsville Road

11 Portsmouth Boulevard

12 Dock Landing Road

13 Military Highway

14 → Portsmouth / Norfolk

Interstate 664 or I -664 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Virginia. The highway forms the western ring road of the Norfolk metropolitan area, beginning and ending at Interstate 64 at Hampton and Chesapeake, respectively. The highway is 33 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Junctions of I-664 in Suffolk.

The highway begins in Hampton, a city of 146,000. The road branches off Interstate 64 near downtown, the highway from the state capital Richmond to Norfolk. The highway has 2×3 lanes here, and then you reach the town of Newport News, which has 178,000 inhabitants. At a complex exit complex, I-664 narrows downtown to 2×2 lanes to cross Hampton Roads Bay via the 7.4-mile Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel. You first enter a tunnel, and then cross a bridge. They return to the mainland in the suburb of Suffolk, which has a population of 64,000. One crosses the SR-164, the Western Freeway that runs to the center of Portsmouth. I-664 then also has 2×2 lanes and ends at an interchange with Interstate 64, Interstate 264, and US 13 in the suburb of Chesapeake.

Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel

The Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel.

The Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel (MMMBT) is a 4.5-mile (7.4 km) river crossing between Newport News and Suffolk, over and under the James River, which forms an estuary here. The artwork is part of the Hampton Roads Beltway, which is formed along with I-64. The MMMBT was completed in 1992 and cost $400 million to build. It includes a 1,500-meter tunnel and a 5.1-kilometer bridge plus two artificial islands. It is the second major link over the Hampton Roads, where several estuaries converge and flow into Chesapeake Bay.


Interstate 664 is newer than most of the other Interstate Highways in the region. The first section opened on June 25, 1981 and was the interchange with I-64 at Hampton, as well as a stretch of about a mile. In December 1983, a 3.5-mile extension opened to Newport News. In September 1987 and January 1988, two short segments opened by Newport News. In January 1992, a 7.5-mile stretch from I-64 in Chesapeake to State Route 135 in Suffolk opened the entire southwest portion of the metro area. On April 30, 1992, the last section of the highway, the Monitor-Merricam Memorial Bridge-Tunnel, opened between Newport News and Suffolk.

Traffic intensities

The highway is not extremely busy, there are 60,000 vehicles in Hampton and so is Newport News. About 54,000 vehicles use the MMMBT every day. In Cheseapeake, 110,000 vehicles drive on the last stretch every 24 hours.

Interstate 664 in Virginia