Interstate 490 and 590 in New York

Interstate 590 in New York

Interstate 490 in New York

Get started Le Roy
End Victor
Length 37 mi
Length 60 km
→ Buffalo1 SR-19

2 Mountains

3 Churchville

4 North Chile

5 Chile Center

6 Greater Rochester Airport

7 → Brockport

9 → Elmira

10 Mount Read Boulevard

11 Ames Street

12 Brown Street

13 Rochester Inner Loop

14 Downtown Rochester

15 Rochester Inner Loop

16 Byron Street

17 Goodman Street

18 Monroe Avenue

19 Culver Road

20 Winton Road

21 → Rochester Beltway

22 Penfield Road

23 Linden Avenue

24 Commercial Street

25 Fairport Road

26 Palmyra ROad

27 SR-96

28 SR-96

29 SR-96

30 → Buffalo / Syracuse

Interstate 490 or I -490 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The highway connects the city of Rochester with Interstate 90 southwest and southeast of the city. I-90 is a toll road and runs south of town. I-490 is 60 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-490 at Rochester.

I-490 begins southwest of Rochester at Le Roy at an interchange with Interstate 90, which goes from Buffalo to Syracuse. The highway then heads northeast, soon reaching the first suburbs of Rochester. From the Gates suburb, the road widens to 2×3 lanes. One crosses here with NY-531, which runs west from Rochester. I-490 then curves east and intersects Interstate 390, which ends here. Heading north is NY-390, which runs to the northern suburbs on Lake Ontario. The highway then passes downtown Rochesterin, which has a small ring road around the center. Occasionally there are some extra lanes available, but in general there are 2×3 through lanes. One then exits downtown, and enters the western neighborhoods, where one intersects Interstate 590, which runs south from Rochester. I-490 then runs through the eastern suburbs, including East Rochester. These suburbs are more prosperous than the central city itself. At Victor, I-490 rejoins I-90, which continues toward Syracuse and Albany.

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I-490 runs between Downtown Rochester and I-90 at Victor over a filled-in canal, which was crossed by a subway line between 1927 and 1956, but was closed in 1956 due to declining passenger numbers. Construction of I-490 began on this stretch in the early 1950’s and was completed in 1956. By 1961 the route was numbered I-490, before that the highway was numbered State Route 96. In about 1962, construction of I-490 began west of Rochester, and in 1963 the first 2 miles west of downtown opened. By 1965 the highway to Churchville was completed, and in 1968 the last link opened to I-90 at Le Roy.

Traffic intensities

I-490 handles quite a bit of traffic, although the highway isn’t extremely busy. Rochester has a fairly extensive highway network, which means traffic flows are more spread out. The downtown area has between 85,000 and 105,000 vehicles per day, with the busiest point just past I-590 at 135,000 vehicles per day. There may be some congestion here.

Interstate 587 in New York

Get started Kingston
End St Remy
Length 1 mi
Length 2 km
→ New York / AlbanyOnteora Trail

Albany Avenue

Interstate 587 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The number is assigned to a short section in the southern city of Kingston along with State Route 28. The road is not a highway. I-587 begins with SR-28 at an intersection with SR-32, then runs in 2×2 lanes to a roundabout at the junction with Interstate 87, the New York to Albany toll road. The assigned road number is 2 kilometers long.

Interstate 590 in New York

Get started Brighton
End Rochester
Length 5 mi
Length 8 km
→ Elmira1 Winton Road

2 Monroe Avenue

3 Elmwood Avenue

4 Highland Avenue

5 → Syracuse

Interstate 590 or I -590 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The motorway forms part of the ring road around the city of Rochester and is 8 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-590 at Rochester.

I-590 forms the southeastern quadrant of the Rochester Beltway. The highway begins at a half- star interchange with Interstate 390 and continues east first, then north through the suburbs of Rochester. The highway has 2×3 lanes. The terminus is at an interchange with Interstate 490 and NY-590.


Opened in about 1965, the highway was originally intended to be a complete ring road from Rochester. The western portion was numbered State Route 47 before 1977, the eastern portion as State Route 31. The original Rochester planning for I-390 to Downtown Rochester, later this number was routed over the southwestern portion of the beltway, allowing I-590 was shortened to a link between I-390 and I-490 in southeast Rochester. The interchange with I-390 was opened in about 1981.

The interchange between I-490, I-590, and NY-590 was originally a double half-stack node, originally two nodes in quick succession. This was especially problematic for traffic on I-490 that briefly coincided with traffic on I-590 and NY-590. This was also known as the ‘Can of Worms’. The junction was reconstructed in the 1980s.

Traffic intensities

I-590 has a traffic volume of 74,000 to 119,000 vehicles per day.

Interstate 590 in New York