Inspiration: Grunge & Gothic at Evil Twin F/W 2011

Means grunge dirt “and dirt“, so much we know. That it is not only a Muskrichtung from the late 80s and 90s, but now also a revived catwalk trend, we have to thank the currently seething harking back to the dashing nineties. Nirvana as a model of dirty culture and lumberjack shirts as a key look of Second-Hand generation are probably known to everyone. Nevertheless I typed again „ grunge “ in my Googleleiste. Out came a bizarre article, the focus had posted in 1993. It says:

Our world the devil fears unemployment, fears for purchasing power and gross national product. Thank goodness is still reliance on one in such uncertain times: for each situation there is the appropriate trend: the recession look is coming. His name: “grunge” and further: “an outfit such as the trash can out of. Just not always so cheap.“

The master of grunge was at that time that Marc Jacobs. So long, he treated silk with sand until she looked like flannel. His models wore straggly-hair, looked usselig. Today we would no longer shave us about – we are finally used that trends eventually repeat themselves.

Pop music since 1988 – for the music of shrill underground bands such as Seattle’s Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney used the label “Grunge”. Were representatives of a generation of disillusioned, verschlampter young people who drank Bush beer, hanging out and dressing up clothes second hand. “ focus wrote in January 1993. The author of that article would have probably never imagined that 18 years later a revival of the Pennertums would announce themselves.

To illustrate the revival again more closely, I summarily the Lookbook of the Australian label „ evil twin “ caught – because hardly a fashion designer so obviously put the trend topic. We see a stylistic mix of 70s Punk and Gothic. And yet we have a collection in front of us that we heutztage in the category „ grunge “ would be classified – the details due to.

Hats, dark lips, long, ungestyltes hair. A Holey rags look, Maxi-skirts, batik patterns and Creepers (which is actually replace come, here, but the rough lace boots from de 50s). Belly free outfits, long chains and leather – this is probably the epitome of the new interpretation of grunge.

Did but especially one thing me: Sun Moon and stars – patterns!

P.s: Evial twin is for example at Urban Outfitters!

Images via lifelounge

Quotes via focus