Information for Travelers in China

Information for Travelers in China

The Chinese food culture

The Chinese cuisine is known worldwide as a culinary art and is now considered an expression of Chinese culture. Chinese cuisine is more of a generic term that combines many traditional methods of preparation and dishes. There are regional differences due to the size of the country. Rice is the main food. Pork and poultry are mainly used. Traditionally, however, more noodles and yeast dumplings are eaten in the north than rice. The dishes are also more mildly spiced than in the south. The traditional Chinese cuisine is usually more digestible than the European and therefore a change for travelers is very easy and tolerable. Sometimes it is also perceived as very spicy, so it is important to inquire about the strength of the seasoning in advance.

The traditional table manners differ considerably from the European ones. So it is common to smack at the table, talk with a full mouth, sip or belch after eating. In China, food is used for communication, there is a lot of talking and laughing. It is unusual to blow your nose at the table. To do this, go to the toilet. Since the food is very sociable in China and therefore very unfamiliar, you should not bother about it, but also this time as a social time, e.g. B. with the family.

Entry into China

The journey to China.¬†For many tourists, this is usually done by plane. The main airports include the international airports in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. There are also many national flights to major cities within the country. Those who don’t like to fly can take advantage of the well-developed rail network, which covers all provinces. The road network is partly in very poor condition. The government is trying to improve the state of the road network with new highways. Entering China in your own vehicle is also not recommended for bureaucratic reasons. This would involve a lot of circumstances that are difficult to master and can take a lot of time if you are not completely proficient in the language.

A passport that is valid for at least 6 months is required to enter China. The visa can be applied for at the Chinese embassy or one of the consulates at the earliest 50 days before the start of the trip. A passport photo is required for this. The visa is valid for 3 months and allows you to stay in China for one month. It should be noted that the tourist visa for China is not authorized for Hong Kong and Macau, so you have to explicitly take care of this if you want to visit these areas.

China’s population and social customs

According to Paulsourcing, China is the most populous country in the world with almost 1.4 billion inhabitants with an exciting, politically influenced demographic development. As a traveler in China one should be informed about one or the other social customs and norms.

The social behavior has in China to European practices strong differences. Modesty plays a big role in the Chinese. Your own pride is often downplayed. The Chinese often speak through the “flower” and make their requests indirectly. Respect and praise are also welcome and are part of everyday behavior. Public criticism of a person should be avoided. Shaking hands is generally uncommon and is considered to be bad. It is therefore important to keep these behaviors in mind to avoid social faux pas.

The smile of people in China has several different meanings. Generally it is used for relaxation. But it is also a means to keep calm in critical situations and to prevent escalation. But it can also serve as a deception. Therefore, you should be a little careful and economical in inappropriate situations.
Criticism of China is taboo and should be avoided in discussions with a Chinese. In general, one should avoid political discussions, since these can usually end unpleasantly and criticism can also be taken very badly here. Critical attitudes towards your own country also damage your reputation and should be avoided. Because national pride is very important here and should also be conveyed to the outside world.

Children are welcome in China and are considered a status symbol. Foreign tourists with children attract attention and are received in a particularly friendly manner. Therefore, you can easily go on a family trip to China and you will definitely feel very comfortable there. Many hotels here are also set up for visits with children, which makes it very easy for families and avoids problems that are often experienced in other countries.

Conclusion on China as a travel destination

There are no noteworthy safety rules for travelers in China that are not valid in other countries. China is a very safe travel destination. In general, the usual travel advice should be followed, as tourists are repeatedly victims of pickpockets and small frauds, which is common in most countries and therefore does not pose an excessive risk. However, you should still be aware of this at all times and take appropriate measures against it by securing your wallet and not carrying it around with you.

Information for Travelers in China