Information about Malaysia

Information about Malaysia

Malaysia stretches over a relatively small area, but attracts with lots of different experiences and beautiful landscapes. Here you will find everything from deep rainforests, beautiful tropical beaches and rich wildlife to a lively city life in Kuala Lumpur.

On this page you will find practical information and facts about Malaysia and Borneo.


Climate and best travel time
Malaysia has a tropical climate with hot and humid weather all year round. In Borneo it rains a lot between October and February, it can also blow properly, mainly in January. On the east coast of Malaysia, the rainy season is between October and February and on the west coast it rains most during the monsoon from April to October. The hinterland can receive rain all year round, but the greatest risk of rain showers is between March and April and September and November.

The best time to visit Borneo is late spring, summer and early autumn, as are the eastern part of the country with the islands of Perhentian, Redang and Tioman. On the west coast with the islands of Langkawi, Pangkor and Penang, there is the least precipitation between November and March. Visit for experience authentic Asia in Malaysia.

Our recommendations on when it is best to travel are based on how the climate has been during the previous year. The weather in Malaysia can be very changeable and unpredictable and therefore our recommendations should only be seen as a clue.

Malaysia’s currency is Ringgit (RM / MYR). Bring your Visa card and US dollars as a reserve in cash. The Visa card can be used as a debit card at the airport in the larger cities as well as at finer hotels / shops and for the purchase of airline tickets. Remember to exchange a lot of ringgit in banknotes before visiting the small villages.

conditions NOTE! The visa rules can be changed at short notice, so We recommend that you check the current conditions at the country’s embassy. The following information may change.

Swedish citizens do not need to obtain a visa in advance to visit Malaysia or Singapore. A 3-month tourist visa is free and is issued on arrival, whether you come by road or by air. Remember that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your stay in the country.

Transport The
infrastructure in Malaysia is good, the roads are very good according to Asian conditions and the vehicles are excellent – and just like in the surrounding countries, there are enough means of transport. All in all, Malaysia is an easy country to travel in.

Malaysia has both slow, worn out buses and well-functioning, air-conditioned luxury buses. On long distances it is later preferable due to the comfort, but it is on the slow local buses, often with many years on the neck and scratches in the paint that you meet the Malaysian farmer or fisherman. In Kuala Lumpur and other major cities, BAS minibuses are the most important means of transport. The minibuses stop everywhere and are thus more flexible than the larger buses. If you are four or five travelers, taxis can be a solution and a good alternative to buses on longer distances. You can then stay where you want – and travel on whenever and wherever you want. In Georgetown, Melaka City and Kota Bahru, is a rickshaw – a phenomenal sightseeing vehicle.

The trains run along both the east and west coasts. The modern, air-conditioned express trains on the Singapore – Kuala Lumpur and Butterworth route (at Penang) are truly a pleasure to travel with. The trains on the east coast are connected to the Thai railway network, so if you are going on to Thailand, the train is a good solution. In Borneo, there is also a small railway that connects Kota Kinabalu with Tenom ad along a small narrow-gauge rainforest route.

Malaysia has a good domestic network and Malaysian Airlines is a well-functioning airline.
Only a few choose to fly domestically on the Melaka Peninsula. But if you are going to travel from here to Malaysian Borneo, or if you have limited time, flying is the solution.
AirAisa has become a good and easy alternative to Malaysian Airlines. They have many destinations starting from Kuala Lumpur. The airline is generally cheap but there are often delays.

In most countries, tips are part of the salaries of employees in the service industry. Therefore, it is good practice (and sometimes directly necessary) to give tips to, for example, cleaning staff, waiters, guides, drivers, etc. depending on the country you are visiting. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with how much is normally given in tips and to whom before you embark on your journey. Find information on tips in Lonely Planet’s guidebooks.








Malaysia’s multicultural wealth
Malaysia is a cultural fusion of dialects, religions and nationalities. Malays, Indians, Chinese and various indigenous peoples from Borneo together form the multi-ethnic Malaysia. For example, if you go for a walk in the older part of the city of Melaka, you will encounter both a massing Muslim mosque and a quiet Hindu shrine, an open Christian church and a Chinese temple with clouds of incense. While modern Malaysia is developing rapidly, it is still teeming with flower-adorned three-wheeled bicycle taxis on the streets of big cities. (Trickshaws) and street vendors whose bikes function as small, mobile shops.

Malaysia’s beautiful nature
In the heart of Malaysia lies Taman Negara, the world’s oldest rainforest. Here you have the opportunity to get really close to the majestic rainforest. A Canopy Walk, where you balance on creaking suspension bridges between the treetops, gives a fantastic experience of the grandeur and extent of this magnificent rainforest. In addition to mountain ranges with rainforests, Malaysia’s landscape is characterized by tea and rubber plantations. But Malaysia also offers authentic exotic tropical islands and long sandy beaches with good opportunities to explore the water below the surface.

Malaysian Borneo
In Borneo, it is the colorful rainforest with its magnificent wildlife that characterizes the experience. Here you can encounter endangered but incredibly curious, orangutans, charming nose monkeys and rare rhinos. The adventurous nature also offers high mountains and natural caves and is home to rare Native American tribes.

Information about Malaysia