In Winter, Take Vitamins! Colorful Looks by Colors

Every day that I go out to the street I am more and more cold. And for those days my mind and my subconscious ends up deciding muted colors and sad for my outfits. Without realizing I go out to the black and grey Street and at the end I just boring. So when I see girls who wear clothes in colors live think and why not? They are a good example of induce a healthy dose Vitamin to your day.

Orange or yellow they are the favorite colors though blue, green or pink can also work. The chosen garment? Doesn’t matter: sweaters, coats, skirts or accessories. You choose the color and the firms you they present their proposals.

It is best if you do not want to be the Center of attention but you want to show off a color striking can combine the garment in question with others much more simple and so everything is balanced.

Do you think the? result of these girls?