Hotels in Kaunas

hotels in Kaunas

This page lists the areas in Kaunas that are the best in terms of location and services for a hotel or other accommodation. In addition, the best and most liked hotels and other accommodation in these areas are presented.

Prices and availability

Kaunas is a fairly cheap place to stay, as you can get a big apartment for less than 30 euros in the busiest summer months, even in the busiest summer months. If you invest a little more, you can get a real luxury class accommodation, and it doesn’t really make sense in the city to pay a lot more than 50 euros a night.

Even if you arrive in Kaunas in the hustle and bustle of the busiest holiday seasons in July, there is still a lot of choice there a week before the trip. However, if you want to stay in the vicinity of the main square of the old town, it is worth looking at the accommodation several weeks in advance, because then there is more choice in the main places of the old town as well.

How and to which area in Kaunas it is good to stay

Where to stay in Kaunas

Kaunas is a surprisingly large city, and it is not worth staying anywhere. You should pay close attention to the location, and a lot depends on what you want to do in Kaunas.

If you specifically want to explore the old town, which is the best area for the visitor, you should stay there. The old town is far from many places in the city center, and if you stay there and also want to knock out new parts of the city center, you should prepare to walk quite a bit. Trips can be shortened by bus or taxi, but the bus does not run in the Old Town. If you want to go from the old town to visit even areas with a funicular, you can take a taxi at least in the other direction. If you only enjoy a couple of days in Kaunas, you should focus on the Old Town and the areas right next to it, as there is plenty to see and do.

The new side of downtown may be more convenient to stay than the old town, especially if you are staying a stone’s throw from the old town. The new parts of the city center are extensive, and it’s worth staying close to the main boulevard, near which everything is important. The parts of the main boulevard near the old town are a 15-20 minute walk to the old square of the old town, so in the best case there is quite a lot of walking. The new side of the city center has more supermarkets and locally popular cafes and restaurants, for example, and is an area where you can see how the locals spend their daily lives. The Old Town is an even more tourist-friendly area, where cafés and restaurants are more expensive, but of course there is an atmosphere of its own, which is not met anywhere in Finland.

Hotels on the map

On the map are displayed hotels in Kaunas and their recent room prices. You can check the prices of your travel time and additional hotel information by clicking on the hotel icon on the map.

Hotel tips for a small travel guide

Kaunas is not a popular place to visit, but there are many more tourists than there were a decade ago. So the most common ones there are apartments, and there aren’t very many actual hotels. There are several hostels in Kaunas, and in addition to dormitory rooms, they have rooms for one or more people. Many accommodations are far from the old town and in awkward locations, so those on the go should look at the accommodation from the most central locations.

hotels in Kaunas

Here are a few well-located and well-kept accommodations.

Apple Economy Hotel

(19 Valanciaus Street)

Located in a nice block right next to the main attractions of the old town, this affordable 2-star hotel with parking spaces, a conference room for 30 people and a travel agency. The rooms are mainly for two people, but the hotel also has a room for 6 people. The hotel has been kept clean and the rooms spacious and otherwise the hotel has received a lot of positive feedback.

Daugirdas Old City Hotel

(T. Daugirdo 4)

A fine and elegant 4-star hotel located between the main square of the old town and the river Joenranta, in the blocks that are among the most charming in the city. The hotel is best for rooms for 2-3 people and is air conditioned. The hotel also has apartments with a private sauna, and the hotel’s professional staff and details such as the roof terrace have been on the minds of many guests. The hotel enjoys great popularity among Finns.

Hof Hotel

(Maironio gatve 21A)

Located in the best locations of the new parts of the city center, a stone’s throw from the old town, this 4-star high-quality hotel offers a variety of rooms for 1 to 4 people. Breakfast, bike rental, large apartments, cleanliness and staff have received a lot of praise, and the hotel enjoys great popularity among Finns.

Hotel Radharane

(M. Daukšos street 28)

A small inn in the same building as the vegetarian restaurant, just a few hundred meters from the main street and the main square of the old town. The rooms are spacious, the bathrooms have underfloor heating and are mainly for 1 to 3 people. Vegetarian breakfast has been liked by many, and this is not the best possible hotel for big meat lovers. The hotel also has car parks and is close to several restaurants and nightclubs.

Inner Blossom

(Vilniaus Street 33–34)

Located on the main street of the Old Town, this apartment is pleasantly special, decorated in an old-fashioned style and has only one apartment for up to four people. The apartment is air conditioned, has kitchen facilities, an Italian-style breakfast is available at an additional cost, and there are quite a number of bars and cafés downstairs, although there is no noise after 24 hours.

Kaunas Apartments

(Laisves al. 50)

A few-apartment apartment hotel that can sleep eight people in one apartment. The apartments have kitchens or at least a small kitchen corner, and both a washing machine and a refrigerator are part of the equipment. The apartments are just over a kilometer from the Old Town and within walking distance of the bus station. The aparthotel has not only received good feedback, as there have been problems with the airport shuttle (it should not be taken) and the apartment may be at a different address than along the main boulevard.

Villa Kaunensis

(Rotuses aikste 21)

Located on the edge of the main square but slightly hidden, this two-star inn offers a wide range of rooms for 1 to 4 people. The beauty of the courtyard and buildings has been on the minds of many, as has the shared kitchen, dining areas and garden. Details such as wooden floors, high and spacious rooms and parking spaces inside the walls have also been praised. This is a great place to stay for both families and couples, and especially for those who specifically want to explore the old town and who want to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the old quarters.