Hawaii – The Aloha State

Hawaii – The Aloha State

The state of Hawaii is the last to be admitted to the United States. In 1959 it became the 50th state of the US. The area consists of a series of tropical islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is located southwest of the California coast. In addition to several small islands, the state has only eight large islands. Another name for this state is Aloha State and the shortest distance from the mainland to Hawaii is 3,865 km measured from San Francisco.

The total area of ​​the state is 16,706 square kilometers and in total the state has about 130 islands. According to EJIAXING, Honolulu is both the capital and largest city of Hawaii with 375,000 souls. Most of the islands were created by volcanic activity and they are surrounded by coral reefs. After all, the islands are just the tops of gigantic seamounts. Many of the small islands barely rise above sea level and are not suitable for inhabiting.

Haleakala National Park

On the island of Maui, which belongs to the Hawaii Islands, this park was created to preserve the unique Haleakala Crater. Subsequent expansions of the park, which now covers an area of ​​116 square kilometers, are intended to protect the ecosystems of the Kipahulu Valley, the Ohe’o Gulch Lakes (a canyon) and the Pacific Coast. The Haleakala was once a dangerous and feared volcano, but it hasn’t been active since 1750. The crater rim has a circumference of 12 km and its diameter is 4 km. It is 609 meters deep and the total size is 49 square kilometers.

In the crater you can get acquainted with various types of rocks, a lake, meadows and a desert plain via hiking trails. However, this can only be done on foot or with a horse. From the rim of the crater you have a beautiful view over the crater and the surrounding area. Despite the fact that the crater has not worked for centuries, it is believed that it could strike again at any moment.

Hawaii is located at the heart of the Pacific Plate, one of the twelve plates that make up the Earth’s crust. Its crust has the structure of a cracked eggshell. These plates can move both horizontally and vertically, and research has shown that the Pacific Plate is moving about 1 inch per year to the northwest. There are weak spots in the earth’s crust along the fault lines that connect the plates.

From these weak spots, the magma finds its way to the earth’s surface. Volcanic islands arise above these weak spots. The continuous movement of the Pacific Plate created a chain of volcanic islands extending from Hawaii toward Japan for 4,000 km. Maui, the youngest in the chain, was formed from two volcanoes at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park includes two world-renowned active volcanoes and the area around them with beautiful flora and fauna. The two volcanoes are called Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The park covers an area of ​​928 square kilometers and is located on the island of Hawaii in the state of the same name. The area has been part of Hawaii National Park since 1916, but it was not until 1961 that the park received official National Park status. Hawaii itself is one of the largest in the Hawaiian chain and is located in one of the most active volcanic regions in the world.

The ocean floor in this area reaches depths of more than 5,500 meters. Actually, the island of Hawaii consists of five volcanic mountains: Kohala Mountains, Mount Kilauea, Mount Haulalai, Mount Mauna Loa and Mount Mouna Kea. The latter is the highest of all mountains in Hawaii at 4205 meters. Just below the summit is the Mouna Kea Observatory. This observatory has the largest number of optical and infrared reflecting telescopes in one location in the world. Between April and October, weather permitting, you can take a guided tour on weekends.

The flag of Hawaii

Hawaii – The Aloha State

Extra information

  • State flower Hibiscus
  • State Tree Kukui
  • State bird Nene The Hawaiian goose
  • Hawaii state slogan: The Aloha State
  • Member of the union since: August 21, 1959