Grenada Economy, Population, History and Maps

Grenada is a province of Southern Spain integrated into the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and with the capital in the city of Granada. It is bordered by the following provinces: Jaén, Albacete and Murcia to the north, Malaga and Córdoba to the west, Almeria to the east; to the south it is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. It has a surface of 12 647 km2. The absolute population of the province of Granada is 876 184 residents which is equivalent to 1.96% of the total population of Spain, having a density of 69.3 residents per km2 (data from the Spanish National Institute of Statistics, 2006).

Sierra Nevada, located just a few kilometers from Granada, is one of the most well-known ski resorts, where Mulhacèn is located, the mountain that, at an altitude of 3481 meters, is considered the highest in the Iberian Peninsula. The Sierra Nevada National Park is shared with the province of Almeria.

The climate is Mediterranean. It is in Granada that the Alhambra Palace is located, considered by many to be one of the ten wonders of the world. Granada has the third largest University in Spain and is among the most important Spanish commercial cities.

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