Greek Islands and Mainland


Greece trips for every type of vacation

Regardless of whether you are looking for a spontaneous last minute holiday in Greece or want to go on a package tour, I have the right offer for everyone. Of course, you also have the option of booking an individual trip, i.e. flight and hotel separately. With the type of accommodation you also have a free choice and can choose between hotels, holiday homes and holiday apartments in Greece. Here you will find offers for your personal dream vacation.

Greek islands

About 6,000 Greek islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas are a lot. Even if only 227 of the islands of Greece are inhabited, there is enough space for the many holidaymakers who visit the island paradises every year. Below you will find exciting information and helpful tips on the most popular Greek islands. Let yourself be inspired. If you still don’t know which of the Greek islands suits you best, you can find out with the help of my test in the article Greek islands. There you will also find my personal top 13 islands in Greece.



  • Greek Kyladeninsel
  • Trend and party island of stars and starlets
  • Kyladenarchitecture: white, flat houses all over the island
  • Sights: Paraportani Church from 1425; five old windmills
  • ideal for young, party-loving tourists, but also those looking for relaxation
  • also known as the gay island of Mykonos
  • all Mykonos tips



  • Archipelago and waters, the capital of which is Fira
  • only active and at the same time inhabited volcano in the world
  • Special feature: white houses with blue domes
  • The town of Oia, in the north, offers the best view
  • small narrow streets, ornate doors, small balconies
  • black sand – watch out, hot!
  • Sights: Ieros Naos Agiou Ioannou tou Baptistou (Holy Church), archaeological excavation site, Faros lighthouse



  • largest Greek island with capital Heraklion (Heraklion)
  • fascinating, diverse, wild and cultural
  • Interplay of sea and mountains
  • Crete sights : Palace of Knossos, Arkadi Monastery, Spinalonga Island, ruins of Gortyn and much more.
  • varied beaches and bays
  • The mystical hippie village of Matala is well worth seeing
  • ideal for couples, families, travelers


  • 45 kilometers long island in the Aegean
  • fantastic beaches, turquoise blue sea, picturesque villages, lots of sun
  • helpful and friendly people
  • Kos city is considered to be the largest and most touristic place
  • Tip: feast in the taverns of Kos town
  • Sights: Embros thermal baths, Asklepieion site, Alikes salt lake near Tigaki
  • ideal for everyone who wants to go on a beach holiday


  • largest Dodecanese island with an area of ​​1,400 square kilometers
  • historic old town with beautiful alleys (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year
  • picturesque bays and turquoise blue sea
  • Sights: Lindos, Colossus of Rhodes, Monte Smith
  • ideal for beach holidays and everyone who loves historical cities


  • Greenest island in Greece, which belongs to the Ionian Islands
  • Island full of history
  • fantastic beaches, olive trees, acacias, citrus fruits
  • Pantokrator, the highest mountain in Corfu
  • Corfu town is a tourist center and a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Sights: Mon Repos Castle, Achilleion (Palace)
  • ideal for everyone who wants to go on a beach holiday


  • Ionian island in western Greece
  • steep cliffs, clear water, lush green
  • numerous bays for swimming
  • impressive rock formations, Keri caves
  • ideal to explore by rental car or scooter
  • Hotspots: Smuggler’s Bay, Turtle Island Marathonissi, Limni Keri, Cameo Island and much more.
  • ideal for bathers and sun worshipers

Mainland Greece

Greece is the destination of numerous vacationers from all over the world every year. It is not just the islands that enchant. The Greek mainland is also worth more than one trip. Here you can look forward to varied landscapes of mountains and beaches. Not to mention the finds from bygone times and the archaeological treasures that mainland Greece has to offer. Chalkidiki is probably one of the most famous holiday resorts on mainland Greece. The Greek mainland is also ideal for a city trip, as Greece’s capital Athens is located here as well as the Greek metropolis of Thessaloniki. Mainland Greece is a great alternative to the Greek islands, which are the focal point for most tourists. If you want to share your Greece trip with fewer holidaymakers, go to the dreamy mainland and find out in advance about the Greek mainland tips in my travel magazine .


  • Greek peninsula in the north of the country
  • unique shape that resembles a hand with three fingers (“three fingers of Greece”)
  • Bathing beaches, hip beach bars, turquoise sea
  • varied outdoor and water activities
  • hip clubs in Kallithea, Hanioti and Neos Marmaras
  • ideal for active and beach vacationers


  • Capital of Greece, located on the Attica peninsula
  • Athens sights : Acropolis, Olympic Stadium, Syntagma Square, and much more.
  • cozy tarverns, winding streets
  • historical old city
  • many museums
  • ideal for everyone who loves city trips and likes to go on sightseeing tours