Falkland Islands Economy, Population, History and Maps

  • Countryaah.com: Offers a full list of airports in the country of Falkland Islands, sorted by city location and acronyms.
  • Abbreviationfinder.org: Provides most commonly used abbreviations and initials containing the country name of Falkland Islands. Listed by popularity.

1UpTravel.com – Maps of Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

Check out the maps of this southern South American islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, east of southern Argentina. View the shaded relief map of the islands.

Website: http://www.1uptravel.com/worldmaps/falkland-islands-islas-ma

Falkland Islands – Countries of the World

Provides a simple political map, along with statistics about the population, geography, government and economy taken from the CIA World Factbook.

Website: http://www.buck.com/cntry-cd/factbook/map-gif/fa.htm

Falkland Islands – Ladatco Tours

Provides a simple map highlighting the locations of areas that tourists should visit.

Website: http://www.ladatco.com/fk-map.htm

Falkland Islands – National Geographic Map Machine

Zoom in on the islands made famous by the confrontation with the Brits in the 80s. Locate individual islands and print and save a copy.

Website: http://plasma.nationalgeographic.com/mapmachine/index.html?i…