Every Fashionista Must Prove at Christmas

Proven is that Christmas is a time of hits but also so many stylistic mistakes. As it happens with weddings, when we planted in the mirror with the freedom of make-up, dress, fit us and we behave in excess, on many occasions we find ourselves at a crossroads of directions without knowing where to go and we are lost in fashion trends ad hoc.

Sometimes we spend, sometimes not arrived and there is no gps which indicate the correct path. All know that with a coat camel, high-waisted trousers, or a jacket military one can stroll palmito fashion on every day but and when it comes to holiday costumes? Unless one can be done with a Marchesa or Elie Saab are not the end of all all similar dresses? the equally ornate makeup? do hairstyles always monkeys?…

Therefore this post dedicated to how the fashionista of the Christmas Queen in company, poinsettias and new year’s Eves dinners.


Tired of dress? Get a tuxedo

He already said it Carrie Bradshaw sex in New York, finishing the look with a stranger touched those that both worships the stylist Patricia Field. Without a doubt, one of the best ways of actions and distinguish yourself from the mass of sequins is a Tuxedo Jacket.

I propose two versions, the genius of Alexa Chung or one more sexy with pants and blazer Tuxedo and cleavage topped by a bib necklace. This last image corresponds to the most recent images of the special Christmas catalogue of Zara fall – winter 2010 / 2011.


Around your neck

Don’t forget two fundamental details: Lipstick rouge and heels. And the best look of Chloe Sevigny, This Christmas shows your know fashionista with the add-on that you will distinguish, a satin ribbon Black neck. Make a second even better option, with a sequin fabric and get that tie into the gullet. In any notions you’ll find such fabrics.


New year’s Eve bandeau dress

Yes, we know you know. Dresses Hervé Leger bandeau they are the most among the celebrities. So when you ask how to be the sexiest in new year’s Eve, forget the options always and go for a bandeau dress.

Low or high cost is your own decision. In this case, of BCBG.


Christmas Eve point stretch

For the Christmas Eve, go for the same proposal but more discreet. Converts bandeau in a knit dress stretch as those who look Emma Watson y Alexa Chung. Ideal also accompanied by a bib neck and as in the case of Emma cover with a trench and pumps nude.


Fit you

One of the dresses that most caught my attention recently as a stylist, and think that yours, has been the beauty made by Pucci for Julia Restoin Rotfield on her 30th birthday. Are we talking about? Overcome shyness and wore US holidays a mini, red and lace dress.


 Ponte purple

Do not hesitate. Fashion magazines already ahead of him and celebrities like Leighton Meester proved it: my dear Leighton, a little eye shadow you would have favored more.

Forget the make-up always and except the rouge of the smoking option, try the makeup more trend, the purple on your lips.


It was monkeys

And please, the monkeys are completely passé. Try new styles with your hair, like Italian monkeys with the manner of Brigitte Bardot or braids everywhere as Whitney Port.

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