Dolce & Gabbana, the Kings of Versailles

The style of another era is a reference point for many of the creations that are arranged now and not only question of garments, but advertising. The Italian firm Dolce & Gabbana is always to the saga in terms of trends, so it is a surprise to those who follow it from past their lavish advertising campaigns and unforgettable, this time designers have delayed it a little bit in terms of the trend.

However, it does not matter, Dolce and Gabbana all is forgiven them. And therefore, we leave that they conduct a travel in the time up to the time of Napoleon and Josefina, bringing a full image military courts, blouses with flights, lace, sheer dresses and velvet which was already on the runway of Milan.

A romantic image from INTERNETIEST that remember the splendor of the Empire, seasoned with big fans of feathers, long earrings style candleholder, white stockings and jewelry taken from the bunker family.

The skin of the models in a white porcelain, lips red and softly framed by a figure of heart, curls wide adorned with ribbons and gems of different colors. For those who more risks, a lunar sign next to the mouth.

A perfect blend between art and antiquity. Brocade old, red and gold, the rustling of a skirt of taffeta, small waists and senior sizes. The style that blends the splendor of a new Court with the attire of an army on the rise. Reminiscent of another time, when France was a power not only in reference to fashion.