Do We Bid Farewell to The Leather Jacket for This Season?

With the arrival of rich heat the genuine leather jacket are they retracted in retreat. Luckily now you can go without outerwear but always someday that will surprise you and we can continue with our beloved sucks that we do not abandon. A halftime that better not be trusted. Have you dismissed already your leather jacket for this season? Give it a few days before placing it at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Dani Kowalczyk (pictured above) remains true to its basic jacket from Zara in a set in black and white with a top of Alexander Wang.

The grunge look of Tine Andrea Storlos next to a pair of shoes with studs from Friis & Company with the motorbike jacket of H & M and cropped trousers of UNIQLO.

Days for the jersey knit and the leather jacket in a combination that will be reserved for the night, where the leather jacket will continue to have its site, as in the look of Mode rose.

Photos | Dani Kowalczyk, Tine Andrea Storlos, Mode rose

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