Converse All Star: Versatile, Modern and Eternal School Shoes

Just follow a blog that everyone has kind of realize that I am a supporter and defender of tennis.Here they appeared already showing how to use at work , as comfort and style option for day-to-day, how to use tennis in the summer, and recalling the famous Adidas Superstar. But the same classic that never dies (and never leaves my feet) is the good old All Star.

There is, to me, most versatile shoe, modern and classic that All Star. Nearly 100 years ago, he, which was first produced in 1917, initially to be a tennis basketball players, continues to gain fans and never stopped being produced. The Converse All Star is present in the fashion world history, and is often attributed to the Rock’n Roll culture, for the first time he really was popularized in the 50s among school students (read more), with the rockabilly fans, soon after being “adopted” by punk rock fans, to 70s.

Then in 1990, thanks to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, he returned to the scene and never left. But not to say that the All Star is only a tennis “rockers,” as is often remembered. Of course they are the No. 1 fans of the shoe, but the truth is that the All Star is democratic, and anyone can use it. Also, it is comfortable and the wild card at any time. It can be used for work (depending, of course, the place where you work), school, college, and even to go out at night, why not?

I am very attached to the All Star as a child, when I got my first pair was not even 1 year old, and who knows me knows that my style is more romantic and pro “lady like.” Still, I do not give my All Stars, and use to rip.

It can be used with jeans, shorts, skirts and even dresses, depending on the model. For me, they are comfortable but without losing the style, in fact, style is not lacking in the All Star. Whatever your style, parted down some interesting inspirations productions with the All Star, so the model fans, like me, can give a new face to the model. And for those who never had perhaps venture to buy. After using once, I bet you’ll never be without it!