Conquest Style Overnight Leighton Meester, Blake Lively or Jessica Szohr

Much that have cut off the tap and we have to look for us life to see it, do not we get tired to follow the adventures of Blair Waldorf and her entourage. No matter that his is closer to science fiction TV-reality and sometimes rubbing the grotesque, no matter that you exceed more than our age group and some can be almost shoots mothers because at the end it is one vice like any other. Gossip Girl is addictive, and what? There is nothing less harmful and entertaining to review its looks.

Especially when a party is coming and its protagonists, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively o Jessica Szohr, they are long shots even in short.

Sounds you dress that looks Leighton in the last chapter issued day today?

It seems incredible that Blair comes so late, but it is of the Dior Pre-Fall 2009 we’ve seen with actresses like Olivia Molina among many other famous.

The ladylike airs are still his personal stamp. And silhouettes strapless like yours, in version of flowers as the Galliano, them can be found for example in ASOs.

What such add also a necklace like this one to finish it?

For daring are Serena Van der Woodsen and transparencies. Do you think her minidress of Stella McCartney?

If you are big fans of his style and want to emulate is she, in Topshop you have very similar options. Like this. It fits the strategic locations always is a plus of sophistication, and now that carried the aires lingerie and underwear comes out of the closet, the lace combined with the stretch fabric is a good alternative.

Less daring and opstando as always by the prints above the smooth (Maggie Gyllenhaal series): Jessica Szohr aka Vanessa. You can also play mixed print dress with an also printed bag. Normally we always play it safe and go for single supplements, so why not risk.

Although careful to leave well stop swallow it is difficult if not mastered the art of stopping grounds for different sign and color.

Mango It is one of the firms that bet strongly by the prints in both day and night dresses, so if you already know where find (the lace on bass is a silly detail, but I love it).


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109 best images about GOSSIP GIRL: Serena van der Woodsen ...