Colorado Interesting Places and Maps

Map of Colorado

Historically interesting places

Bishop Castle
In 1969, Jim Bishop, then 15 years old, started building a family house in the form of a castle in the Wet Mountains, in southern Colorado. At the time, he acquired the plot of land for his project for the equivalent of 1,020 euros. Today its small castle is approx. 50 m high and is reminiscent of an enchanted Sleeping Beauty Castle in the middle of a forest that was built by hand from granite, cement and steel. Entering is at your own risk, but definitely worth a visit. During the day, Jim Bishop invites you to free tours and reminds us what human hands are capable of.

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Santa Fe National Historic Trail
The Santa Fe National Historic Trail traces the historic Santa Fe Trail trade route. The Santa Fe Trail was an important trade route in the 19th century, connecting the more densely populated areas of the Missouri River with the wide, open prairie landscapes. After the area was opened up by rail, the Santa Fe Trail lost its importance.

Nowadays, or since 1987, the Santa Fe Trail exists as the Santa Fe National Historic Trail and runs through the 5 states of Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico for a total length of approx.1,937 km and is one of the most interesting long-distance hiking trails the USA. There are many interesting sights along the Santa Fe National Historic Trail today, such as Pecos National Historical Park, Fort Union National Monument, Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site, Fort Larned National Historic Site, Comanche National Grassland, Cimarron National Grassland as well as the cities of Arrow Rock, Kansas City and of course Santa Fe.


Special buildings and structures

Denver International Airport
Opened in 1995, the 140 km² airport is the largest airport in the world in terms of area and, in terms of flight volume, the fifth largest in the USA (after Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas). It is located approximately 40 km northeast of the state capital Denver and is reached via the new E-470 freeway ring. The construction increased Denver by around 50% at that time, because part of Adams County had to make room for the construction project and be transferred to Denver. At the moment (as of 2012), the airport has a total of 6 runways, but it should be expanded to around 12 in order to double passenger handling from 50 million to 100 million.

Masonic Temple
This Masonic Temple is located in Denver. The Freemasons, however, are not a religious community, but are organized in boxes that are primarily committed to charity. They see themselves as an ethical covenant of free people who are committed to the five basic ideals of freedom, equality, fraternity, tolerance and humanity. They currently educate around 5 million people of all social classes, levels of education and religions worldwide. The foundations of the first lodge were made public in Great Britain in February 1723 and still form the basis of the Freemasons to this day.

Phoenix Gold Mine in Idaho Springs
The mine in the Rocky Mountains, developed in 1871, is located in Clear Creek County, north of Colorado. The mine is operated by one of the oldest gold prospecting families in Colorado – the Mosch family. They offer daily tours where z. B. gold is washed.

Royal Gorge Bridge
The Royal Gorge Bridge, built in 1929, lies west of Canon City and less than 150 km from Denver and is considered one of the highest suspension bridges in the world. It is located more than 320 m above the ground, directly on the Arkansas River. The span of the bridge is approx. 265 m, its length almost 358 m. The bridge is not integrated into the Colorado transport network, but is primarily used for fun sports. As a tourist attraction z. B. the cable car that transports visitors into the gorges or the opportunity to jump into the 320 m depth by bungee.

Million Dollar Highway
The Million Dollar Highway is on US Route 550 from Mexico to Colorado. The 40 km route stretches from Ouray to Silverton (both Colorado) and is one of the most beautiful but also most dangerous roads in the USA. It is unclear whether it got its name because of the high road construction costs, the value of gold in the mines or because of its spectacular panoramas. The fact is, however, that the route, along a number of natural beauties such. B. the Trimble Hot Springs, got its name for nothing.

Brown Palace Hotel
The Brown Palace Hotel is the second oldest hotel in Denver after the Oxford Hotel. It was built in 1892 by Henry C. Brown based on designs by Frank E. Edbrooke. The striking building made of red granite and sandstone impresses, among other things, with an atrium spanning eight floors. Numerous well-known personalities of America such. B. US Presidents stayed here. Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Harry S. Truman and D. Eisenhower are said to have spent numerous nights here. There are regular tours.

State Capitol
The State Caopitol at 200 East Colfax Avenue in Denver was built in 1908 and, like so many government buildings in the United States, was modeled on the Capitol in Washington.

It consists of granite and a dome made of Colorado mines, gilded with 24-carat gold leaf. The interiors are furnished with white oak and rose-colored onyx, a pink marble. Regular tours take place, during which the rooms of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the rooms of congressmen can be visited.

City and County Hall
This building is located opposite the Denver Capitol and is the seat of the city and county administration. It is very similar to this and can be distinguished especially by the missing dome.

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