Chloe Fall 2011 – Strip, New Romanticism, A Few Snakes And The 70s

Sometimes the catwalk fever grabs me. I then sit and let images of past fashion weeks lull me, take me in a dream land of colors, cuts and fabrics. Chloe has me so far for some reason by the cloth gone – here so a „ obituary “.

Hippieske trains and the need for a carefree life, ease and Laissez-Faire conquer for quite some time the creative forging of big designer – hardly a collection this year without Woodstock attitude came out. Amazing that we can see it just not sick. Perhaps our joy on the new, wide cuts is also talented as Hannah MacGibbon, the 2008 Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney, that heir of the tradition brand Chloe. You subtly playing with materials, patterns and optical quarries and thus created a distinctive look. Snake is suddenly acceptable, strips come in unusually large manner. Leather and courage to the color change as ads guide through the entire collection. Opportunities exist in MacGibbons designs yet rarely – the designer opts for change and brings together trend themes to a completely new form of harmony.

Chloe the stripes trend although not completely abstains, converts but much more subtly it as Prada & co. Insoiration everywhere bring di Designer is apparently – the left outfit reminiscent of almost leather Motorcross-.

snakes look is suitable for everyday use – here it is but especially on the right colour and material choice. Flash snake prints on long skirts were virtually unthinkable, green makes’s but this time possible.

If MacGibbon may not put on the style of the urban hippies who then? Chloe was the most influential brand in de 70 worldwide and influenced an entire generation. Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, or also Grace Kelly were forfeited the luxurious, but still everyday designs. This year will be played with color, denim and a wide variety of sources of inspiration – the dress in the Middle anyway, feels not only dark hippiesk, but also medieval.

Chloe reinvents the romantic – restraint is passe, this fall, the signs point to overdose instead of understatement. Here, too, the 15th century has crept in …

leather trend and also Chloe is not around, the personal touch may’s but still be – as Dungarees, and in the next form of Palazzo.