Celebritie Halloween Disguise This Year

Each time is more tradition to celebrate Halloween in our country, that is why, with one week’s notice is good time for think of our ideal costume for the occasion. This year from Jezebel, We are committed to celebrities costumes for those who only need imagination and a little bit of mana.

They are in our list of celebrities to copy Lady Gaga (could not be less) and the Olsen twins. Take a look at the funniest costumes and start planning yours!

Lady Gaga and thousand possibilities

Dress-up of Lady Gaga It is very cool and fun and to that, we add that we have thousand accessories to make our disguise the real may in stores such as H & M (glasses of all shapes and colors, hats, mitts and even the) tie hair fascinators that the singer looked in the beginning). The problem? It may be the costume star and find 50 Lady Gagas at the party to which we attend. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages to you if it is the disguise for ti.

If you have decided that if, approaching stores as Claire´s y H & M to get the most bizarre. Essential big and flashy sunglasses.

Necessarily be a blonde wig and a dress with shoulder pads or with leggings underneath body will do the rest (you have to be bold for this costume). And if you have mana sewing have an infinite number of looks to copy, like this.

Or if you have much mana you can copy the famous and more than seen look for fillets. Guaranteed success.

The Olsen twins: ideal costume for two very similar friends

If you are lucky enough to have a friend that you look like and you are also tiny, your costume is the of “ Olsen Twins & #8221;.

This year dressing up as Olsen is the easiest ever, the tendency to look homeless and the presence of the point that both carried lengthy dresses and cardigans to below gives that point “ Specter & #8221; that the Olsen twins are assiduous.

A long skirt (easy to find this season) and some sunglasses and a hat for Mary Kate with a maxi-bag will do the rest.

Anna Wintour if you want to be scary on Halloween night

If you are going to a party where the theme is fashion, this is your costume. Dress-up of Anna Wintour It is very simple if you’re thin build.

A floral dress, a wig, sunglasses and a metal-inlaid bib necklace will make you look like the feared Director of Vogue Usa. Don’t forget to walk with the stance that characterizes the.

Dita Von Teese, total black look

Dita Von Teese we love, so that would better way that pay homage to it that disguising ourselves of it? It’s easy, sexy suitable for which hold well heels all night.

Dressed in black like this of Zara, high heels and long gloves are characterized as Dita for the night. That Yes, pay attention to your make-up.

Os apuntaís any of these costumes? Be attentive, you will give more ideas & #8230;