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Samoa Military, Economy and Transportation

Economics Economy overview: Samoa’s economy has traditionally been dependent on foreign aid, private family remittances from abroad, and agricultural exports. The country is vulnerable to devastating storms. Agriculture provides two-thirds…

Australia Architecture and Literature

Architecture. – Since 2010 the Australia is engaged in an architectural development operation that affects all sectors of the country, with great attention to infrastructures destined for education and sport….

Australia Demographics 2014

Demography and economic geography. – State entirely included in the southern hemisphere, between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The population of the Australia it remains very limited, in…

Sub-Antarctic Islands (World Heritage)

Sub-Antarctic Islands, the uninhabited sub-Antarctic Snares, Bounty, Antipodes, Auckland and Campbell Islands are characterized by a high number of endemic plant and animal species. The important bird sanctuary is also…

Marshall Islands Overview

  TERRITORY: HUMAN GEOGRAPHY TERRITORY: ENVIRONMENT The vegetation is limited to bread trees, coconut palms and pandanus as well as mangroves that lap the areas immediately close to the seas….