Bread & Butter: Why You Should Pay Attention to This Event

With this curious name, the trade fair for street and urbanwear Bread & Butterseems to not attract too much attention from the brazilian, since the vehicles little talk about one of the biggest events in the fashion world and the birthplace of many of the innovations of fashion as she is seen on the streets of any city.

Bread & Butter Why You Should Pay Attention to This Event

Started on 13 July 2001, that is, little more than a decade ago, the fair, which is headquartered in the city of Cologne, he had only 50 participating brands, today, after passing by Berlin, then Barcelona and back to Berlin, there are more than 500 exhibitors visited by people all over the world, desiring to know the innovations of the fashion that will be part of our day-to-day in the next 6 months, in addition to, of course, to encourage business and partnerships that will move this dynamic market.

One of the biggest attractions of the Bread & Butter is, certainly, jeans. I have already had the opportunity to talk with people who visited the fair and all were unanimous in affirming that the sector jeanswear is jaw-dropping. Are new types of washes, textures, treatments and colors of denim so impressive that, from one time to another, can change our way of consuming everything that is done with this fabric, or, at least, that is the intention of those who create them!

Some of the brands brazilians also give the guys there. This year, for example, I saw the flip-Flops in one of the promotional videos of the show and in previous editions I remember from Colcci in the list of exhibitors, but these don’t even come close to the amount of brands national even go to the event to know what is being released by designer’s top 7 For All Mankind, Adidas, Buttero, Circa, Vans, Calvin Klein, G-Star, Converse, Guess, Lacoste, Puma… well, here you can see the complete list!

Another thing extremely eye-catching Bread & Butter is the relaxed atmosphere of the place: nothing of endless visits tedious, the booths, the fair also offers concerts, festivals, performances, parades, and interactions with the public. This, in turn, is not restricted only to fashionistas making the air blasé, bringing together all kinds of people related with fashion.

As already said in this post about Pitti Uomo, in events such as this which are born many of the ideas, techniques and inspirations that make a fever in the shops all around the world, after all, Europe, in addition to being the cradle of culture, can also be considered to be the birthplace of fashion.

Below some videos of the last edition of Bread & Butter that was in the days 4, 5 and 6 July, them you have an idea of the grandeur of the fair and its importance:

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Here are some more photos of this latest edition of Bread & Butter, including the images of the beautiful feast of the opening of the event, held outdoors, at the edge of a lake: