Bomber’s Star, Jeans Campaign And Lace, Velvet Leggings

This week the blog has been loaded with clothes that are pure trend in the street style, in the three looks that I am going to show then we can see also premium above all comfort for every day and it is looks very “wearable” and very “chic” yet.

Star Bomber

This look is that estrené this last weekend in Madrid to combat low temperatures very stylish. As I say I is a “superstar” outfit, not is that happens to me lately with the pattern of stars that got me madly in love and every garment that I see I can not resist me, I assure you that I have done with a few more things with print of stars that soon you will be able to see.

No doubt the garment “Star” (never better said) is the bomber but the jeans and shoes there is no waste; already took time wanting a pair of white jeans, there is nothing I like more than wear white garments in winter and these are perfect by cutting both the torn since they feel like a glove. Booties that are decorated with studs give it also a touch very “rock” to look and have the bonus that are very comfortable since they have a very affordable heel.

Jeans Campaign And Lace

This is a perfect look for every day which is composed of parts very original that surely will I love.

Top it’s a jersey that combines two quilts: point, and print pictures that is very comfortable and combinable, cotton also is a cucada detail of the knot in the front. The jeans taught it them by the “stories” of instagram and at the end I could not resist to them, I love them because they end up with a steering wheel on campaign combined with lace (these detailsyou can see them in the photos below). They are very comfortable and feel very well, above all have a beautiful movement when you walk. In love I am of this total look full of beautiful details black.

Velvet Leggings

I’ve finally fallen yielded to the trend of the velvet garments and in the look of today combine some leggings in velvet fabric that are very sweet to the touch and very comfortable.

They liked because they are ideal for use in most arranged looks as informal since they are more versatile when it comes to merge, since this tissue is normally associated with more formal outfits.

To give this casual but chic touch that I always like the looks nothing like a sweatshirt with mix of fabrics and poplin with loop handles, these kinds of items are now trend since they provide much freshness and are very lighthearted.

We complete with metallic bag and boots Suede, with this set because I’m ready for the weekend.