Best Time to Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Best Time to Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in south-eastern Europe. It borders Serbia to the east, Montenegro to the southeast, Croatia to the north, west and southwest. The 20 km long Adriatic coast in the southwest is the country’s only access to thesea. Bosnia-Herzegovina consists of two territorial units, the Bosniak-Croatian Federation and the Serbian Republic with the regional capital Banja Luka. Sarajevo serves as the capital of both areas.

As an interface between Orient and Occident, Bosnia-Herzegovina, located in the west of the Balkan Peninsula, has a unique variety of art and culture. Many of these testimonies were destroyed in the war years, but the country is working hard to rebuild. A beautiful symbol for the boom in Bosnia-Herzegovina was the new construction of the “Old Bridge” over the Neretva River in Mostar. The bridge, which was destroyed during the Bosnian War, was reopened in 2004.

At the moment, the largely undiscovered regions between Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia are still an insider tip.

The fauna in Bosnia and Herzegovina is very species-rich. The high mountains in particular are an important habitat for a wide variety of animal and plant species.
The Sutjeska National Park protects endangered animals and plant species. You should definitely visit this park on a vacation in Bosnia-Herzegovina. When you see the wonderful nature and the multifaceted landscapes in the park, you will be amazed. The Perucia jungle is also located there. It is one of the largest preserved primeval forests in Europe. In addition to pines, oaks and beeches, rare plants can also be found here.

Some animal species still live in Bosnia and Herzegovina which are already extinct in the other European regions. Various fish and aquatic animals can reproduce, especially in the Adriatic. Various types of cancer can also be found here.In addition to many species of birds and various reptiles, there are an estimated 2,800 brown bears in the country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina climate

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a mix of Mediterranean and Central European climates: it’s hot in summer but quite cool in winter. Especially at high altitudes it can be until April snow fall.

Best travel time for Bosnia and Herzegovina

The best Travel time in Bosnia and Herzegovina is from May to September. Skiers should come to Bosnia and Herzegovina between December and February. the temperatures in Sarajevo are between -2 ° C in winter and 27 ° C in July and August. In the southern part of the country it is usually a few degrees warmer. Visit petwithsupplies for Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide.


Bosnia-Herzegovina – how to get there

Airplane: Flie to Sarajevo, for example, Adria Airways, the Austrian airline Austrian Airlines (OS), German Lufthansa (LH), Czech airline CSA (OK),Turkish Airlines (TK) as well as Malév Hungarian Airlines (MA) and Alitalia Airlines (AZ). International flights to Mostar are on the BH Airlines flight schedule.

Airports: the main airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina is in Sarajevo. There are other airports in Mostar, Banja Luka and Tuzla.

Car: there are numerous petrol stations in the cities. Nevertheless, travelers should make sure to fill up the tank in good time, as the gas stations are closed at night. If repairs are necessary, there are workshops in all major cities. In addition, it is not a problem to get spare parts for all European cars.

Train: in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are two railway companies, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as that of the Republika Srpska. Both offer separate train connections and timetables.
There are three main railway lines. The first runs in the northeast of the country, in the Unatal. The second, coming from Croatia, runs from the southeast to the northeast. The third runs from the northwest, starting in Bosanski Novi, to the northeast to Zvornik.

Bus: Well-established bus routes connect Bosnia and Herzegovina with neighboring countries and Western Europe. There are bus connections between Medjugorje, Mostar, Sarajevo and Bihac and the Croatian cities of Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb. There are also bus connections between Sarajevo and Banja Luka and Belgrade and Podgorica in Serbia and Montenegro.

Best Time to Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina