Best Restaurants in Bangkok

Soi 19

Everywhere in Bangkok, there are food stalls, restaurants, food couriers in shopping malls and other places where you can eat a wide variety of cuisines. Thais don’t cook themselves but eat their meals outside, and so the variety of eateries is huge and dining is very affordable when you want to. Bangkok, like the rest of Thailand, has cheaper food than many much poorer countries, such as Laos and Vietnam, and Bangkok has cheaper food than beach resorts or Chiang Mai.

The best places to quickly find any kind of eatery of any kind are Banglamphu, where Khao San Road is located, the Chinese district (Chinatown), Phahurat between them, Pratunam Market all the way from the corner of Pratunam to Siam Square and Sukhumvit.

The surroundings of Pratunam are a place to eat with the food courts of the malls, and the surroundings of Khao San Road and the areas below the BTS air train are the best places for excellent food to be sold from the stalls. The best areas for the actual restaurant are Sukhumvit, Chinatown, Phahurat and Banglamphu, which has restaurants outside of Khao San Road.



Banglamphu is a large district with its center at Khao San Road. This infamous street is never dangerous in itself, but it’s annoyingly clogged in the evenings and the noise is almost always huge. The eateries and stalls along it are entirely geared to tourists, and mainly to those whose ears are still green and are far away for the first time.

A better restaurant street in Khao Sania is Soi Rambuttri, which is a long street. The stretch alongside Khao San Road has many attractions terracewith an atmospheric eat in the evenings. Like Khao San Road, the street is at its best just about anything since the early evening, and there is no profitable groan here until the clock approaches four or rather five. Many bars offer quite decent food, and you can eat relatively cheaply along the street, but there are also expensive places to be found.

The best part of Soi Rambuttr is on the other side of the lively Chakrabongse Road. Right next to this corner there are valuable places for tourists, but if you head to a bend, then there are adult-like places where it’s nice to have something to drink and eat. Even after that, there are plenty of terraces and they are also close to the National Museum, so the street is worth measuring. Menus are prominently displayed at all locations, and there are no intruders here like along Khao San Road. This area is also at its best in the evening but the terraces between the bend and the National Museum are lively in the afternoons.

The lively, varied street between Khao San Road and Soi Rambuttr is Chakrabongse Road. Along it there is what and also places to eat. Especially good is side streets, along with an Indian restaurant, a Thai restaurant and a restaurant serving Middle Eastern cuisine.

Elsewhere in Banglamp, Thanon Tanao is a street with lots of restaurants, and it runs from around Khao San Road towards the great swing. However, there are relatively few restaurants in the area, and you should check out the restaurant beforehand.

The best place to eat in the stall is the sidewalks at the end of Soi Rambuttr, which show up a huge number from around 5pm. kojuja. They serve local cuisine, but this area is also good for those who like pizza or burgers in chain restaurants.


Soi 19

Phahurat is known as the “Little Indian” as it is home to a lot of Indians and there are also Indian restaurants. The best place to choose from among the many Indian restaurants is the block list next to the canal.


Chinatown has an extensive list of neighborhoods where you should go for a meal other than Mondays, when many stalls and restaurants are closed as well. Lively Yaowarat Road is the main street and is not the best place to look for a restaurant. Better are the side streets, of which the main street of Talat Mai Market (Soi 6) with its side streets is the best place to go to eat a variety of Chinese-style dishes.

From Siam Square to the intersection of Pratunam

The area between the lively intersection of Siam Square and Pratunam is a rectangular area dominated by shopping malls. While there are restaurants on some streets, the food courts in the malls are the best places to eat a wide variety of cuisines. Usually, the approach is to go to the point where the card is obtained and put a value on the card. If you no longer plan to go to the same food court to eat, you will get the remaining money back from another door. Many food courts offer affordable dining, although they always have expensive stalls and restaurants as well.

The Siam Center Food Republic in Siam Square, like many other food courts, is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Adjacent to Siam Paragon is a place with Gourmet World.

CentralWorld at the same street is one of the largest shopping malls. It is next to Chit Lom Air Station (BTS), but is within easy walking distance of both Siam Square and the Pratunam junction. Its food court is diverse and is considered to be of a high standard.

Located at the junction of Pratunam, which can be reached by canal boats, the Platinum Plaza Fashion Mall is large and focused on clothing. Its upper floors have an unpretentious but varied food court [ picture ], where many visit time and time again. In the afternoons, in front of the mall, next to the Pratunam junction, there will be stalls selling typical street food.

There are dozens of other food malls in Bangkok in this area and elsewhere, and Thai LT will introduce them.

Pratunam market area

Pratunam’s market area is bustling, but a couple of streets have several different eateries.

Soi 19 is one of the best streets for the restaurant, but this is good terrain to eat only from early in the morning until around 9pm, as many places go after that. Right at the beginning of the street, at the intersection of the main street in the area, a Honggi BBQ appears in the evening in a place controlled by a clothing store during the day. On the same street Wan Ton Noodle is also a high quality place to eat. There are several alleys and corridors on the street where you can get cheap, typical Thai food, especially soups.

Ratchaprarop Road leading to Airport Rail Link station has streets with some restaurants. The most notable are the Indian restaurants, which are perhaps the highest quality eateries on the street and are also suitable for vegetarians. There are several, but the restaurants along the street themselves are quite expensive. There are more affordable Indian restaurants on the side streets, which are also favored by the locals. Soi 4, for example, is a street with a few Indian and other reasonably priced restaurants.

Below and nearby Ratchaprarop station itself are stalls that are popular with local workers. They can be eaten cheaply, usually at less than 50 baht.


The two main streets of Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit Road and Asok Montri Road are streets with everything possible. There are really a lot of restaurants, and here the offer is aimed at tourists. There are Japanese, Korean, Italian and American restaurants on the streets and their side streets, where you can easily eat a high-quality steak or pizza.

If you want to eat cheaply in the area, there are many cheap stalls and restaurants in front of Makkasan station. They allow you to eat a Thai meal for well under 100 baht and the drinks are also cheaper than in the otherwise expensive Sukhumvit.