Bermuda Economy, Population, History and Maps

Bermuda is an archipelago composed of islands and coral reefs, located in the North Atlantic. It is a semi-autonomous British colony, which was discovered by Juan de Bermúdez in the 16th century and colonized by the British in the following century.

Semi-autonomous English colony, the Bermuda archipelago is located in the North Atlantic Ocean and is composed of several islands and coral reefs. Twenty of the islands are uninhabited. The most important are Bermuda (the largest), Somerset, Ireland, St. George’s, St. Davis and Boaz. The capital is Hamilton and is located in Bermuda. The total area of ​​the archipelago is 53.3 km2.

The climate is subtropical, temperate and humid.

The largest revenue in the territory comes from tourism. It has a great climate for the tourist exploration of beaches and picturesque places. Other revenues from the territory include financial services, some exports (pharmaceuticals, among others) and repair of boats. Agriculture manifests itself in the cultivation of bananas, vegetables and flowers. The currency is the Bermuda dollar.

It has about 64,482 residents (est. July 2003). The birth and mortality rates are, respectively, 12.13% and 7.46%. Average life expectancy is 77.41 years; the population density is 1209.8 residents/km2. Most of the population is of African descent brought to the archipelago in the 18th century. The official language is English. The religions practiced are Anglican and Roman Catholic, and there are also Methodist African churches.

The archipelago was discovered in the early 16th century by the Spanish Juan de Bermúdez, but the islands remained uninhabited until the arrival of the British in the following century.
During World War II, the archipelago was used as a strategic point for the United States of America. The administration of the territory is based on the Constitution drafted in 1968 and consists of a governor (representative of the British Crown), a prime minister and a parliament with two chambers.

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