Barton County, Kansas ZIP Codes

Barton County is located in the state of Kansas, USA. It covers an area of approximately 901 square miles and is home to several cities and towns. In order to efficiently manage mail delivery to this region, Barton County is divided into multiple postal codes. Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes, are numerical codes used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to identify specific geographic regions for mail sorting and delivery purposes.

Barton County has several postal codes assigned to different areas within its boundaries. According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, the main postal codes in Barton County are 67530, 67544, 67550, 67567, and 67578. Each of these postal codes corresponds to a specific city or town within the county.

The postal code 67530 primarily serves the city of Great Bend, which is the largest city and county seat of Barton County. Great Bend is a vibrant community with a population of approximately 15,000 residents. It is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and strong sense of community. The 67530 postal code encompasses various neighborhoods, commercial areas, and public facilities within Great Bend.

Another significant postal code in Barton County is 67544, which is assigned to the city of Hoisington. Hoisington is a smaller community with a population of around 2,600 residents. It is located in the northern part of Barton County and is known for its friendly atmosphere and close-knit community. The 67544 postal code covers the entire city of Hoisington, including residential areas, businesses, and public institutions.

The postal code 67550 is designated for the city of Larned. Larned is located in the southwestern part of Barton County and has a population of approximately 4,000 residents. It is a historic city with a strong sense of heritage and is home to several notable landmarks, including the Santa Fe Trail Center and the Historic Larned State Hospital. The 67550 postal code encompasses all neighborhoods, commercial districts, and public facilities within Larned.

The city of Ellinwood is assigned the postal code 67567. Ellinwood is a smaller community located in the eastern part of Barton County, with a population of around 2,000 residents. It is known for its charming downtown area, historical sites, and friendly residents. The 67567 postal code covers the entire city of Ellinwood, including residential neighborhoods, downtown businesses, and public amenities.

Lastly, the postal code 67578 is designated for the city of Claflin, a smaller community located in the northern part of Barton County. Claflin has a population of approximately 650 residents and is known for its rural charm and close proximity to nature. The 67578 postal code encompasses all areas within the city of Claflin, including residential neighborhoods, small businesses, and public spaces.

These postal codes play a crucial role in ensuring efficient mail delivery to the residents and businesses in Barton County. They help the USPS sort and route mail accurately, ensuring that it reaches the intended recipients in a timely manner. Whether it’s a letter, package, or any other type of mail, the postal codes of Barton County help streamline the entire mail delivery process, making it convenient for both senders and recipients.

In conclusion, Barton County, Kansas, is divided into multiple postal codes to facilitate efficient mail delivery. The postal codes, including 67530, 67544, 67550, 67567, and 67578, correspond to different cities and towns within the county, such as Great Bend, Hoisington, Larned, Ellinwood, and Claflin. These postal codes are instrumental in ensuring accurate sorting and routing of mail, contributing to the smooth functioning of the postal system in Barton County.

Road Network in Barton County, Kansas

The road network in Barton County, Kansas, plays a critical role in connecting communities, facilitating transportation, and supporting the county’s economic and social activities. This intricate web of roads and highways serves as a lifeline for residents, businesses, and travelers, enabling the efficient movement of people and goods throughout the region.

Barton County’s road network is composed of a variety of road types, each serving specific purposes and contributing to the county’s overall connectivity. These road categories include local roads, county roads, state highways, and interstates, each with its own significance in the transportation landscape.

  1. Local Roads: Local roads form the foundation of the road network in Barton County, linking residential neighborhoods, farms, businesses, and community facilities within towns and rural areas. These roads provide essential access for daily commuting, enabling residents to reach schools, healthcare facilities, markets, and social amenities. Local roads are vital for maintaining the county’s sense of community and supporting everyday activities.
  2. County Roads: County roads extend beyond local streets, connecting smaller towns, villages, and rural areas to each other and to more significant roadways. These roads often traverse picturesque landscapes, showcasing the county’s agricultural heritage and natural beauty. County roads play a key role in supporting agricultural activities by providing access to farmland, allowing the efficient movement of farm equipment, and facilitating the transportation of crops and livestock.
  3. State Highways: According to SimplyYellowpages, state highways are essential corridors that connect Barton County to the broader state and regional transportation networks. These roads enable efficient movement of traffic across longer distances, linking the county’s communities to nearby counties, cities, and major transportation routes. State highways are crucial for supporting regional trade, tourism, and economic activities.
  4. Interstate Highways: While Barton County does not have direct access to interstate highways, it is located in proximity to major interstates such as I-70 and I-135. These interstates play a significant role in facilitating long-distance travel, freight transportation, and connecting the county to larger metropolitan areas and national markets.

The road network’s design and maintenance are influenced by various factors, including traffic volume, safety considerations, geographic terrain, and the county’s economic needs. Regular maintenance and improvements are essential to ensure that roads remain safe and functional for residents and travelers.

The road network in Barton County also contributes to its tourism industry, offering scenic routes that allow travelers to explore the county’s natural beauty and attractions. Visitors can take leisurely drives through rural landscapes, enjoying panoramic views of farmland, open spaces, and charming communities.

Infrastructure elements such as bridges, overpasses, and signage are integral components of the road network. These features are designed to accommodate various types of vehicles, ensuring safe and efficient transportation for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

In conclusion, the road network in Barton County, Kansas, is a crucial infrastructure that supports daily life, economic activities, and regional connectivity. From local roads that connect neighborhoods to state highways that link the county to the broader region, this network plays a vital role in shaping the county’s development and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. As Barton County continues to evolve, its road network will remain an essential and evolving aspect of its infrastructure, contributing to its growth and prosperity.

Major Schools in Barton County, Kansas

Barton County, Kansas, is home to a range of educational institutions that provide quality learning opportunities for its residents. These schools play a crucial role in shaping the future of the county by offering academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and a supportive learning environment. Here are some of the major schools in Barton County:

  1. Barton Community College: As a vital institution of higher education, Barton Community College serves as a cornerstone for academic and vocational advancement in Barton County. The college offers a diverse range of associate degree programs, technical certifications, and adult education courses. Barton Community College is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable education, making it a valuable resource for both recent high school graduates and adult learners seeking to enhance their skills or pursue new career paths.
  2. Great Bend USD 428: According to maternitytips, Great Bend Unified School District 428 is a prominent K-12 public school district in Barton County. The district includes several elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. Great Bend High School, in particular, offers a comprehensive curriculum that caters to a variety of academic and extracurricular interests. The district’s commitment to student success is evident through its emphasis on academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, and community engagement.
  3. Central Plains USD 112: Central Plains Unified School District 112 serves students from several communities within Barton County. The district focuses on providing a quality education while fostering a sense of community and belonging. Central Plains High School offers a range of educational opportunities, including advanced coursework, vocational training, and extracurricular activities that enrich students’ learning experiences.
  4. Hoisington USD 431: Hoisington Unified School District 431 is dedicated to providing a well-rounded education to students in the Hoisington area. The district’s schools offer a nurturing and supportive environment that promotes academic achievement, personal growth, and community involvement. Hoisington High School offers a variety of courses and activities that cater to diverse student interests.
  5. Ellinwood Public Schools USD 355: Serving the Ellinwood community, Ellinwood Public Schools USD 355 is committed to providing a quality education that prepares students for success in the modern world. The district’s schools offer a combination of academic programs, extracurricular activities, and technology integration that empowers students to excel academically and develop essential skills for the future.
  6. St. John-Hudson Unified School District 350: St. John-Hudson USD 350 serves students from the St. John and Hudson communities. The district focuses on delivering a well-rounded education that encompasses academic rigor, character development, and community engagement. St. John-Hudson High School offers a supportive learning environment and opportunities for students to explore their interests through extracurricular activities and programs.
  7. Private and Parochial Schools: In addition to public schools, Barton County also offers private and parochial educational options. These schools often provide unique educational philosophies and religious instruction, catering to families seeking specific educational values and traditions.

These major schools in Barton County collectively contribute to the educational landscape of the community. They play a vital role in preparing students for academic success, personal growth, and active citizenship. Through rigorous academic programs, extracurricular activities, and community partnerships, these institutions ensure that Barton County’s youth are well-equipped to contribute positively to society and pursue their aspirations.

Attractions in Barton County, Kansas

Barton County, Kansas, offers a diverse array of attractions that highlight its rich history, natural beauty, and vibrant community spirit. From cultural landmarks to outdoor recreation, these attractions provide residents and visitors with engaging experiences that showcase the unique character of the county.

  1. Barton County Historical Society Museum and Village: Immerse yourself in Barton County’s history at the Barton County Historical Society Museum and Village in Great Bend. This living history museum features a collection of artifacts, exhibits, and historical buildings that provide insights into the county’s past. Visitors can explore a one-room schoolhouse, a pioneer church, and other structures that reflect the area’s heritage.┬áVisit itypemba for geography and history about Kansas.
  2. Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area: Known as one of the most important wetlands in North America, the Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area is a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. This expansive wetland complex attracts a diverse range of bird species, including migratory waterfowl and shorebirds. Visitors can explore observation platforms and trails to observe wildlife and enjoy the serene natural surroundings.
  3. Kansas Wetlands Education Center: Located within the Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area, the Kansas Wetlands Education Center offers educational exhibits, interactive displays, and guided tours that delve into the unique ecosystem of wetlands. The center provides a deeper understanding of the importance of wetlands for wildlife and conservation efforts.
  4. Quivira National Wildlife Refuge: Just a short drive from Barton County, the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge offers another opportunity to experience the beauty of nature. The refuge is a vital stopover point for migratory birds and provides habitats for various wildlife species. Visitors can enjoy hiking, wildlife observation, and photography in this serene natural setting.
  5. Veterans Memorial Park: Great Bend’s Veterans Memorial Park honors the sacrifices of military personnel and serves as a place of reflection and remembrance. The park features monuments, memorials, and plaques that pay tribute to veterans from different wars and conflicts.
  6. Jack Kilby Memorial: In Hoisington, the Jack Kilby Memorial celebrates the life and contributions of Nobel laureate Jack Kilby, who co-invented the integrated circuit. The memorial includes a statue and educational displays that highlight Kilby’s impact on technology and innovation.
  7. Historic Courthouse Square: Great Bend’s historic downtown courthouse square is a hub of activity and community events. The square features local shops, restaurants, and green spaces where visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls, farmers’ markets, and various festivals throughout the year.
  8. Great Bend Zoo and Raptor Center: The Great Bend Zoo offers a unique opportunity to get up close to a variety of animal species, including exotic animals and native wildlife. The zoo also features a raptor center where visitors can learn about birds of prey and their conservation.
  9. Kansas Oil & Gas Museum: Located in Russell, a nearby town, the Kansas Oil & Gas Museum provides insights into the region’s oil and gas industry through exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays. Visitors can learn about the role of energy production in shaping the local economy and history.
  10. Outdoor Recreation: Barton County offers opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy recreational activities such as fishing, boating, camping, and hiking. Lakes and reservoirs like Cheyenne Bottoms and Barton County State Lake provide scenic settings for outdoor adventures.

In conclusion, Barton County, Kansas, offers a blend of cultural, historical, and natural attractions that provide a well-rounded experience for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re interested in exploring the county’s history, observing wildlife, or enjoying outdoor activities, Barton County has something to offer for every interest and age group. These attractions not only showcase the county’s unique character but also contribute to a sense of community pride and engagement.