Bahamas Economy, Population, History and Maps

Bahamas is a country whose capital is the city of Nassau. The territory consists of a group of approximately 700 islands that form an archipelago. The country occupies an area of ​​13,878 km 2 where approximately 340 thousand people live who have English as their official language.

Geographically, it is found in the Atlantic Ocean, close to the North American coast, in the state of Florida; north of Haiti and northwest of Cuba. The tropical climate and the presence of the most crystalline waters in the world, in addition to the abundance of marine animals, favor the development of tourism, the country’s main economic activity. Another source of revenue for the country is in the financial segment, since this is considered a tax haven, because the tax rates practiced are low, attracting many investors to invest capital in the country.

One of the problems that most concern is crime, which is constantly growing. The animal symbol of the country is the flamingo. Various religious denominations are practiced, 94.1% of the population is Christian, divided into 20.1% Anglicans, 18.8% Catholics, 55.2% Protestants and 5.9% from other religions. For Bahamas democracy and rights, please check localbusinessexplorer.

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