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Australia is a country in Oceania located in southwest of the continent, and entirely in the southern hemisphere. It has an area of ​​7.6 million km², which looks like a huge island surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans.

The closest countries are New Zealand, to the south; Vanuatu, to the east; Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Indonesia, to the north. The territory is cut by the Tropic of Capricorn, so that part of the country is in the temperate zone and the other in the tropical or intertropical zone.

The surface of the Australian territory is marked by a very old plateau formation, called the Western Australian plateau, which does not present high altitudes due to intense erosion processes. For this reason, there are no high altitudes in the country. The culmination of the country is called the Australian mountain range which is called Kosciusko, with an altitude of 2,230 meters. The plains lie between the western plateau and the Australian mountain range, and they are called Central plains, a region that crosses two important rivers – the Murray and the Darling.

The country’s territory is extensive, so there are several climatic characteristics, such as arid, semi-arid, tropical, humid and subtropical tropical. Mostly, the prevailing climates are, in general, dry and hot, a factor that explains the existence of two deserts, Gibson and Vitória. The tropical climate has an incidence of precipitation concentrated in the summer season. The humid tropical is characterized by high humidity and has no dry season during the year. The subtropical climate, on the other hand, has a characteristic similar to the Mediterranean, with rainy winter and hot and dry summer.

The climatic conditions referred to determine the arrangement of vegetation throughout the territory, for example, where the climate is arid or semi-arid, the vegetation cover consists of steppes and xerophilous shrubs. In the more humid parts there are tropical or subtropical forests. For Australia democracy and rights, please check localbusinessexplorer.

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