Argentina Economy, Population, History and Maps

Argentina is a country located in the southern western hemisphere, specifically in South America. Its territory is limited to the north with Bolivia and Paraguay; to the northeast, with Brazil; to the east, with Uruguay, the Atlantic Ocean and the Malvinas Islands; and west with Chile.

The Argentine territory covers an area of ​​2,766,889 km², where approximately 40.2 million residents live. Argentina has the second largest territory in South America, surpassed in this regard only by Brazil, which covers an area of ​​8,514,876,599 km².

The Argentine population presents one of the best social indicators in Latin America, a fact that results in a good quality of life for its residents. The Argentine state is divided into 23 provinces and a federal district. In Argentina, the predominant climate is temperate, although there are also areas with a subtropical climate, such as in the north, and sub-Antarctic arid in the extreme south of the country.

The country ranks No.2 for economy performance in South America, considered as an emerging nation. The country’s main export products are, respectively: beef and meat products, wool and wine. In wine production, the country ranks fifth in the world. The Argentine population is constituted ethnically from Europeans, mainly Spaniards and Italians, mixed with indigenous and mestizo people. For Argentina democracy and rights, please check localbusinessexplorer.

General information of Argentina

  • Name: Argentine Republic.
  • Gentilian: Argentine.
  • Capital: Buenos Aires.
  • Demographic density: 14.5 residents/ km².
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product): US $ 262,327 million.
  • Per capita income: US $ 6,636.
  • HDI (Human Development Index): 0.775 (high).
  • Life expectancy: 75 years.
  • Infant mortality: 13.4 / thousand births
  • Literacy: 97.2%.
  • Currency: Argentine peso.
  • Official website:
  • Official language: Spanish.
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