Archos 50 Tablet Diamond Fusion Storage Reviews

The French manufacturer of Archos fusion storage for in-house Android devices provides its software ARCHOS since May 5, 2015. As automatic update (OTA) oxygen, as well as the smart phones come 50 diamonds, 52 Platinum and 50B helium enjoy first the Tablet 101.

What ARCHOS already during the CeBIT 2015 announced, is now finally also on the units of the French manufacturer. There is talk of the proprietary software fusion storage that combines the internal memory with the memory capacity of the microSD card. So it is significantly more space designed for apps and content. For fusion storage, the development team of Archos has modified the deeper layers of architecture of the Android operating system and the operating system core. Thus software performs an automatic allocation of data on the internal device memory or external microSD card.

With the help of fusion storage more space for apps and content will be made available. Internal and external memory is consolidated. Once then this consolidation is enabled, data is automatically sorted on the internal memory of the smart phones or tablets. App files are primarily stored on the internal memory, allocated during data, photos, videos, etc. of the memory card. A considerable is obtained by this memory optimization plus on device memory. Thus that the fusion of internal memory with the external SD card works seamlessly, can the user at any time decide to originally separately-provided memory settings.

Diamond, 52 Platinum, 50 b helium and the 101 Tablet ARCHOS fusion storage is free of charge for the hotel’s own smart phones 50 5 may 2015 oxygen as an OTA update available. Also, the new smart phone of the Xenon is equipped range, 62 Xenon and xenon, 59, already at the factory with this software.