All Wah: The Converse All Star Which Is Also the Pedal of Guitar

A design studio, a canadian, called Critical Mass, with offices around the world, including São Paulo, just make it even more attractive the classic Converse All Star, at least for rockers and guitarists, adapting to the body of the iconic tennis a wah-wah pedal! This means that if you have a good guitar and an amp with distortion you can do the solo of “Sweet Child O Mine” or playing various covers of Jimmy Hendrix in a good!

All Wah The Converse All Star Which Is Also the Pedal of Guitar

According to the team of Critical Mass, which initiated the project, the idea was to let the Chucks (nickname loving the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star) even more Rock’n’roll, so why not turn it into a pedal guitar with wah-wah?

But the idea to the execution of the path is a long one, they had to know how to replace the potentiometer used in the pedal, a piece that would not fit in a running shoes, for something small. The problem was resolved by using an apparatus called a “flex sensor”.

If you’re keen on English will find more information in the video below:

Converse – All Wah from James & Jason on Vimeo.

It turns out that this model was only a prototype developed in 2013, to terminate it, another company joined in the project, the Cute Circuit, getting to a final version, also equipped with Bluetooth connection, allowing you to add the effect on a Mac or iPhone, in addition to, of course, an amplifier common.

Below is a video of the latest version being tested by guitarist J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.:

It is curious how the previous version seems to have the wah-wah effect more strong and clear, but it may just be a change of the adjustment made by the guitarist.

The model Converse All Wah still do not have any information about the pricing and release date announced, but for sure there will be a queue of interested parties when this happens!

I can’t deny that I would like to get their hands on one All Wah to get an idea of the feel of using a gadget of this type!