Alberta Economy, Population, History and Maps

  • Provides most commonly used abbreviations and initials containing the country name of Alberta. Listed by popularity.

Alberta – Discover Alberta

Find a list of interactive images of the Canadian province, cities and activity centers. The maps link to area details and directions.


Banff – WorldWeb Travel Guide Interactive Map Viewer

Interactive map of the township Banff allows visitors to point and click for info on landmarks, restaurants and lodgings.


Calgary – Calgary and Area Access Maps

Explore the detailed street maps of the metropolitan and downtown areas. Potential visitors may examine sample tours of the Rockies and the city.


Edmonton – University of Alberta Regional Map

Click on an area of the city to view a detailed street map of the neighborhood. Visit the university area, the south side and downtown.


Interactive Map – Discover Alberta

Locate an area of interest in this Canadian province and click on the map to zoom in for a closer look. Highlights include Jasper and Calgary.