About San Marino

About San Marino

San Marino is an amazing dwarf state, hidden in the arms of sunny Italy, at the same time being the oldest in Europe. San Marino is 61 km² of picturesque hills, cozy European streets with chic home-style restaurants, 9 ancient castles-fortresses and an unlimited amount of fun and inspiration!

Geography of San Marino

According to itypejob, San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world, the area of ​​the republic is only 60.57 km², it is located in Southern Europe. San Marino is completely surrounded by Italy. About 80% of the country’s territory is occupied by the mountains of the Monte Titano massif, 16.6% are the plains of the foothills of the Apennines and arable land. The highest point in San Marino is Monte Titano (750 meters above sea level).


San Marino


The area of San Marino is 61 km. sq., in terms of area, the country ranks 190th.


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The national currency is the euro (EUR).


Official language is Italian

Visa to San Marino

San Marino is subject to the visa conditions of Italy, there are no immigration officers at the entrance to the country at all. To travel here, as in Italy, you will need a passport and a Schengen visa. You can learn more about how to get it on the page about Italy.

Weather in San Marino

The country has a Mediterranean, subtropical climate. It has warm but not hot summers and mild winters. The average temperature of the hottest month, July, is +24 °C, while the coldest month, January, is +4 °C. In the mountains in winter it drops to -5°C, -6°C. Most precipitation occurs in winter and autumn, with an average annual amount of 800–900 mm.

Currency exchange in San Marino

The official currency of San Marino is the euro, for currency exchange you can contact bank branches, exchange offices. Cash out a bank card or traveler’s check (more profitable – in euros) – at any ATM or bank. The ATM for currency exchange is located at Cassa di Risparmio di San Marino, Piazza del Titano, 2.


Mains voltage 230V, 50Hz. Type C sockets (European with two round pins), European type F, nose with an additional grounding plate, and type L – Italian with three round pins arranged horizontally in a row.


The vast majority of local residents profess the religion of the Roman Catholic Church.


The level of security in San Marino is quite high, crime is extremely low, but banal precautions should not be neglected. Leaving documents, large sums of money and other valuables in a hotel safe is much more prudent than taking them with you on a walk to tourist places.


In San Marino, nothing in particular threatens the health of a tourist, if only the sun’s rays. In order to protect your skin from the negative effects of the sun, use a special cream with a high SPF factor, wear hats, sunglasses and, if possible, closed, but light clothing made from natural, breathable materials. Taking out international health insurance before traveling to San Marino is highly recommended, as in all of Europe, in case of any accidents, you will save a lot on treatment.

About San Marino