A Matter Of Taste: The Lacoste Shirt – The Crown Of The Spiebertums?

Is the time to finally throw the outdated image of the Green animal overboard and the another chance to give? What do you think?

It is relatively common, things on the Palm to bring me and Yes, I pledge improvement. Whether it now bans were Ray or hate thought to winter boots, steam drain is good sometimes. Today, my initial shock was however replaced by insight. The object of my reasoning: Polo shirts by Lacoste. I guess I was at that time in the 7th class, as well as me ripped with wave of crocodiles. The very fashion conscious classmates among us combined so narrow-minded sport shirts with moccasins or timberlands. Then came the time of upheaval, the dreadlocks, the wood bracelets, and linen pants. From the mouse. Lacoste carrier were sentenced from now on in the course of youthful bigotry, I apparently forgot that I counted even once.

Lacoste sportswear summer 2011

Even today is still a small, bitter aftertaste if the uniformed carriers to feel. Although those male beings, which have about a certain deduction, but give off a very good figure is – unless the basic style here is casual, like a little off gerotzt. For us girls, unspießige wearing of the traditional clothes of golfers designed but somewhat more critical. There’s already a little skill to solve fairly negative behafteteten associations. Close recently, the brand now trying to rejuvenate its image and to declare war on the Philistinism. Successful that is however only the men’s and women’s. So I was surprised when I obriges batik model from the collaboration with the New York City Catherine Malandrino discovered. Bat sleeve, „ bum look “ and yet highly closed – I could me smooth with this new look friends – the crocodile logo however remains.

On April 1st is the first of four planned collaboration collections in the shops. The rest of the designs can not convince me however, because I like above stripes happened much, much better.

Via vogue.