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San Marino is an independent state that constitutes an enclave in Italy. It is a small republic, with a dimension of 61.2 km2. It is located on the slope of Mount Titano, in Central Italy, close to the Adriatic Sea, between the regions of Romagna and Marche. San Marino is surrounded by Italy and has an irregular rectangular shape. The landscape is dominated by an immense stretch of limestone from Mount Titano. The silhouette of this mountain was crowned three times by ancient peoples, with fortifications that can be seen many miles away. The main cities are Serravalle / Dogano, with 8800 residents (2004), Borgo Maggiore (6400 residents), San Marino - the capital (4300 residents) - and Domagnano (2600 residents).

The climate is temperate Mediterranean.

This territory has no mineral resources; the economy lies in the entrepreneurial strength of its residents. Industry, tourism, trade and agriculture are the main sectors of the economy. Tourism is the activity that is expanding. Traditional products from San Marino include ceramic and iron items. Environmental indicator: the value of carbon dioxide emissions, per capita , has not been attributed.

In 2006, 29 251 people resided in this republic (est. 2006). The population density corresponds to 473.44 residents/km2. The birth and death rates are, respectively, 10.02% and 8.17%. Average life expectancy is 81.71 years. Neither the Human Development Index (HDI) nor the Gender Adjusted Development Index (IDG) was assigned (2001). It is estimated that in 2025 the population will be 34,600 residents. The population is mostly from San Marino (83%), with a minority of Italians (12%). The residents of the republic practice the Catholic religion (95%). The official language is Italian, although Celto-Galician, Lombard and Romagna dialects are spoken.

The Republic of San Marino had its origin in the 4th century AD. C., when, according to the tradition, San Marino and a group of Christians settled in this place to escape the persecutions. Later, in the 12th century, it developed into a self-regulated community with its own statutes. This community felt able to become autonomous, had it not been usurped by neighboring bishoprics, partly because of its isolation and the fortifications built on the hills. In the mid-15th century it was a republic ruled by Arengo's 60-man Grand Council. Protected from serious attacks, including the occupation of CÚsar Borgia, San Marino survived the Renaissance as an Italian city-state relic. Having been regulated by an oligarchy that the Papal State tried to annex, the 18th century marked the beginning of the republic's decline. When Napoleon invaded Italy, he respected the independence of the republic and offered to increase its territory in 1797. The Vienna Congress of 1815 recognized his status as independent. During the 19th century, with the movement towards Italian unification, San Marino offered asylum to revolutionaries, including Giuseppe Garibaldi. The Constitution of San Marino was based on the statutes of 1600, which come from a parliamentary form of government, which consists of 60 members elected for five years, who have legislative and administrative powers. Two governing captains are appointed every six months. The Republic of San Marino is distinguished by the continuity of institutions from the Middle Ages.

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