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Maps of Oceania

Collective designation attributed to Australia and the archipelagos and islands of the central and southern parts of the Pacific Ocean. Oceania includes more than 10,000 larger islands and a multitude of islets and islets. It covers a total land area of ​​approximately 8 821 000 km 2 and has a population of 30 794 000 residents (2000).

Oceania has traditionally been divided into four parts: Australasia, consisting of Australia and New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. In economic terms, the states that make up Oceania have great disparities between them. Australia and New Zealand have economies that place these countries in the group of industrialized nations. Most of the remaining States have weaker economies, where production coexists for subsistence and another inherited from colonial times when the objective is to export. The great distances between the islands and the scarcity of territory are obstacles to their development, although the growth of the tourism sector has compensated for the absence of significant economic resources.

Maps of Oceania
  • Provides most commonly used abbreviations and initials containing the country name of Oceania. Listed by popularity.
Oceania - Connectivity and Topology Maps
Collection of maps includes connectivity, clickable interactive and a PEACESAT map that offers island and nation demographics.

Oceania -
Extensive collection of Pacific island maps is available for downloading in .gif or vector versions.

Oceania - Pacific Atlas
Map of the Pacific islands includes an option to get enlarged maps of specific islands. Includes facts on the various nations and islands.

Pacific Islands - Map Database
Resource contains a list of maps of islands and nations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Pacific Islands - Maps
Read brief profiles of some of the islands of the Pacific, and view color maps for such places as Vanuatu, Fiji and the Samoas.

US Pacific Territories - University of Texas Library
Comprehensive collection of maps of the United States' Pacific territories includes Johnston Atoll, Wake Island and the Midway Islands.

Marshall Islands - RMI Online Maps
Republic of the Marshall Islands Embassy in the US provides a directory of maps of the many islands and atolls that make up the island chain.

Micronesia - Kosrae Island
View two maps of the island and find out what it has to offer the visitor.

Micronesia - Micronesia Center Map
Navigate through the islands of Micronesia with this map, which includes the Mariana and Marshall Islands. Includes links.

Micronesia - University of Texas Library
Check out this list of maps of the Federated States of Micronesia, and find detailed maps of Truk, Yap and Pohnpei.

Nauru - National Geographic
Read about the small Pacific island republic, and view a map that can be enlarged for greater detail.

Niue - Travel Finder
View a map of the small island that is in free association with New Zealand. Includes facts and details on the island.

Northern Mariana Islands - ABC Maps
Check out this map of the island chain, which includes the island of Saipan. Features links to more details.

Northern Mariana Islands - University of Texas Library
Find a small collection of political maps of the island group, which includes Saipan and the Tinian Islands.

Tuvalu - ABC Maps
Look at a series of maps of the atoll chain found in the South Pacific. Links are included for more details on the islands.

Wake Island - Emulate Me
View a map of the island that is claimed as a territory of the United States. Includes links that provide demographic details.

Wallis and Futuna - Pacific Atlas
Take a look at the island duo, with the towns and major points included. Check out the links for more details.

Wallis and Futuna - Wallis Islands
Gallery offers various map views of the islands, including general and more detailed illustrations.

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