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Middle East Historic Maps - Historical Maps of Middle East
View a collection of maps including Aleppo, Damascus, Hebron, Jerusalem, Mt. Carmel and Sinai, [Palestine] Palaestina, Persian Empire, Red Sea, Petra and Suez Bay.

Maps Relating to Islam's Historical Development
Furnishes maps depicting the spread of the Islamic faith and illustrating the political rule of various Muslim caliphates and empires.

Middle East - University of Chicago Oriental Institute
Interactive map leads viewers to archived photographs of the area. Copies of the Egypt and Sudan photos are available for purchase.

Muslim Expansion in the East - Umayyad Period
Furnishes a color map depicting Mulsim expansion in the East during the Umayyad period, 661-750 AD.

Muslim Expansion in the West - Map
Provides a color map circa 750 AD depicting the expansion of Islam in the West, across Africa and into Spain.

Spread of Islam - Maps
Contains three maps depicting the spread of Islam 634-750 AD, 750-1400 AD and 1400-1900 AD.

University of Texas Library - Historic Maps of Middle East
Browse historical maps and study them in detail. See Mt. Carmel, circa 1912, and the Red Sea and its environs in 1860.

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