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The Jordan was for a long time under the administration of the Ottoman Turks. In 1923 the Transjordan emirate was created, which remained under British protection until 1946, when it became independent as the Kingdom of Jordan. In that year Abdullah became the country's first king. In 1951 he was murdered and succeeded by his son, Talal, who, after just over a year and due to mental illness, abdicated in favor of his 16-year-old son Hussein. In 1948, the country became involved in the Arab war against Israel. In the armistice that followed, the western bank of the Jordan River, which for centuries belonged to the Palestinians, was annexed by Jordan. In 1967, in the Six Day War, the annexed territory was taken over by Israel. Between 1970 and 1971, military conflicts broke out between government forces and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) guerrillas. The fight ended when the Jordanian army expelled the PLO forces. In 1988, King Hussein announced that Jordan would give the PLO the right to concede the West Bank, occupied by Israel. During the 1991 Gulf War, King Hussein was criticized by the United States and other countries for supporting Saddam Hussein. Although the Jordanian population is pro-Iraq, the country has agreed to the sanctions applied. In February 1999 Hussein bin Talal died of cancer. He succeeded his eldest son Abdallah, 37 years old. Politically, Jordan remains a constitutional monarchy, in which the king is assisted by the Prime Minister, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. For Jordan democracy and rights, please check homeagerly.
Maps of Jordan
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Maps of Jordan

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