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Europe Historic Maps

19th Century London - Social
Impressive selection of maps which are a valuable source. They depict infant mortality, cholera deaths, and the distribution of servants. - Historical Maps of Europe
View a large collection of maps including Balkans, Constantinople, Corsica, German Empire, Hispania, Italia, Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, Waterloo and World War II Maps.

Antique Maps of Iceland
National and Univ. Library of Iceland provides a look at its complete collection of historic maps. View the maps and read bios of the map makers.

Birmingham in the Nineteenth Century
Atlas of Victorian central Birmingham provided by Aston University. Click on the main map to receive photographs and details about an area.

Birmingham Plan of 1731
View a large reproduction of this first official plan of Birmingham. Includes notes and a transcript of the map's accompanying text.

Booth's 1889 London Poverty Map
Street level color-coded map showing "general conditions of the residents" from very poor to upper class. Enlargeable grid sections.

Cartographic Images
Explore Henry Davis Consulting's collection of cartographic images from the ancient, medieval and Renaissance periods.

Changing Geography of Health
Sequence of maps depicting the changing geography of health and mortality in Britain in the 19th century.

City Maps
Dutch city maps from Blaeu's Toonneel der Steden atlas from 1652, ideal for role-playing games which take place during that era.

Domesday to the First Census
Online maps created after examining the statistics found in the Domesday Book, which was commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086.

Europe - Historical Maps
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas offers a look at archived maps of European continent and various regions.

Gardiner's Atlas of English History
Consult this collection of reproduced Victorian maps, depicting in various eras Britain and the other countries that featured in its history.

Greenwood's Map of London 1827
Access a quality reproduction of this early nineteenth-century map. Use either an imagemap or place-name links to zoom into the area of choice.

Historic Atlas Resource - Europe
Features a collection of atlases of Europe at various stages of world history.

Historical Atlas Pages
Maps feature the British Isles from Roman times through the 1600s. Some feature indexes and descriptive essays with historical details.

Historical Maps of Europe
Find numerous maps of Baltic lands, Britannia, Central Europe, and the Mediterranean Sea. Some maps date back to AD 1,000.

Images of Medieval Art and Architecture - British Maps
Promoter of education and research in Medieval art and architecture offers maps of Great Britain. View maps of Medieval London as well as abbeys.

John Snow's London in 1859
Part of a US university resource on epidemiologist Dr John Snow, this highly detailed map depicts the mid-Victorian London in which he worked.

Khazarian Historic Maps
Illustrates the story of these nomadic Turkic people who settled in Southern Russia during the Middle Ages.

Location of Britannia - Ptolemy's Geography
Find a map of the island produced by the second century astronomer. Includes Ptolemy's location data tables.

Map of Charlemagne's Conquests
View a map of the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne. Color coding reflects land areas held by Charlemagne in 771 and 800 AD.

Old English Pages - Anglo-Saxon England
Map of England depicts the kingdoms, dioceses, mints, and other political units of the Anglo-Saxon period.
Provides a searchable database of 19th century maps, covering most parts of the UK.

Ordnance Survey
View maps of the UK. Includes the original 19th century Ordnance Survey series of maps.

Origins of the North-South Divide
Sequence of colourful online maps examining the historical origins of the north south divide in Britain.

Osshe Historical & Cultural Atlas Resource
John Nicols' Europe Image Library offers numerous scanned photographs of the Roman Empire as its remains today.

Roman Britain Map - Britain Express
See a drawing of England and Wales which shows the major towns, regions and capitals of Roman-occupied Britain.

Roman Military Sites in Britain
Useful collection of maps showing the locations of Roman military camps and fortresses within England, Wales and the Scottish frontier.

Russia - University of Texas Library
Explore the array of maps of Russian and the former Soviet republics. See political and shaded-relief maps.

Russian Empire Maps
Archive of maps ideal for any student or enthusiast of Russian history. Focus on specific regions, or examine the partition of Poland.

University of Oxford - Bodleian Library Map Room
Library map room offers a large collection of historical maps. Browse the collections and find map links.

Viking Exploration
High-resolution online map depicting the various exploratory maritime routes which were used by the Vikings.

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