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In 1945, the first Congolese deputy, Jean Félix Tchicaya, was elected to the Constituent Assembly; leader of the Congolese Progressive Party (PPC), focuses on the African Democratic Meeting (GDR). In the face of this and the socialist leader, J. Opangault, Abbot Fulbert Youlou, won in the 1956 legislative elections, creates the Democratic Union for the Defense of African Interests (UDDIA), the local section of the GDR and, supported by the Kongos, achieves a success brilliant in the municipal elections of November 1956.

In January 1959, bloody clashes took place in Brazzaville that opposed UDDIA to the PPC, leading to the intervention of French troops. For Democratic Republic of the Congo democracy and rights, please check getzipcodes. On August 15, 1960, the Republic of Congo obtains its complete independence. Abbé Fulbert Youlou, a Catholic priest, was elected first President and guided the Congo towards unipartisanship, in line with the trend of the time across the African continent.

A series of leftist military governments ruled the country until the presidential elections in 1979, with Colonel Denis Sassou-Nguesso being elected. Following the political orientation of his predecessors, Sassou-Nguesso followed the socialist path of development. His position gradually weakened from the mid-1980s, with the introduction of austerity measures, with an attempted coup d'état in July 1987.
For several years, there were tensions, sometimes severe, between the various factions of the army, which eventually led to the deposition of Sassou-Nguesso. The government's foreign policy, since 1989, has distanced itself from the former Soviet Union, of which it was a firm ally, to approach France and the French-speaking countries of East Africa.

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Maps of Demotic Republic of Congo

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