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Belgium is an European country located in the northern eastern hemisphere. Its territory is limited to the north with Holland and the North Sea; to the west, with Germany; to the southeast, with Luxembourg; and to the south, with France.

The country occupies a territorial area of ​​30,519 kmē, where approximately 10.7 million residents live. The surface of the Belgian territory has three basic physical characteristics, the coastal plain, located in the northwest of the country; the central plateau, located inland; and the Ardennes, located in the southeast. The country has two important rivers, they are: Scheldt and Maas. The region is influenced by the temperate climate, with average temperatures of 25 ° C in summer and 7 ° C in winter.

That country has a high rate of industrialization and plays an important role in the European Union. The country's economy is quite diversified, with the sectors that stand out the most being: metallurgy, medicines, electronics, textiles, glass manufacturing, chocolates, diamonds, furniture. In addition to agriculture, which stands out in the production of fruits, such as grapes, plums and strawberries.
In Belgium three languages ​​are spoken: Dutch, French and German. For Belgium democracy and rights, please check intershippingrates.

Miscellaneous information

  • Name: Kingdom of Belgium.
  • Gentile: Belgian or Belgian.
  • Climate: temperate ocean.
  • Capital: Brussels.
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy.
  • Entry into the European Union. March 25, 1957.
  • Demographic density: 350.5 residents / kmē.
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product): 454,580 million dollars.
  • Per capita income: US $ 45,310.
  • HDI (Human Development Index): 0.867 (very high).
Maps of Belgium
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Maps of Belgium

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