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Maps of Africa
Satellite imaging and political map-making create a zoomable map of this African country, with cities, rivers and topography.

Guinea-Bissau - CIA World Factbook
Check out the map of this country between Senegal and Guinea. Includes statistics on population, education and industrialization.

National Geographic Map Machine - Gabon
Take a look at the topographical map of this African nation. Learn about the economy and population.

National Geographic Map Machine - Togo
Offers a topographical map along with a brief overview of the country's economy and population.

Niger - National Geographic
Satellite imaging and political map-making create a zoomable map of this African country, with cities, rivers and topography.

Sao Tome and Principe - National Geographic
Satellite imaging and political map-making create a zoomable map of this African country, with cities, rivers and topography. - Historical Maps of Africa
Browse a collection of historical maps. Check out the maps of Madagascar, Morocco, Namibia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Togo Land, Central Africa, North and West Africa. - Maps of Africa
Browse a collection of political, reference and historical maps of the African continent. Check out the maps of population density and natural vegetation.

Africa - America's Roof
Learn about the highest mountain peaks in the African continent from this map listing each summit by its country.

Africa - Brock University Map Library
Features a simple, black and white graphical map outlining the countries of Africa and pinpointing capital cities. Best used as a outline map.

Africa - Digital Chart of the World
Select a country in Africa and choose from maps that reveal the locations of population centers, roads, drainage, and political boundaries.

Africa - Earthrise Satellite Image Database
View an outline map of Africa and click on a country to retrieve a list of place names with accompanying satellite images.

Africa - Exploring Africa
Visit this exhibit of maps, travel narratives and illustrations from early European expeditions to the continent.

Africa - Frontier Forest Map
Interactive map provides an overview of the continent's national parks and surrounding forests. Find out which ones are at risk.

Africa -
Slick graphical map of Africa offers viewers a color-coded perspective. With country outlines and capital cities.

Africa - Historical Maps
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas offers a look at archived maps from 1808 through 1978.

Africa - Locator Map
Presents an blank map of the continent of which the only details are the outlines and names of the more than 50 countries. Ideal for learning.

Africa - Map of Modern Africa
Features a full-color map of Africa and part of Europe. Includes borders, rivers and capital cities.

Africa - Mapping Africa and the Diaspora Movement
Kennedy Center offers a map detailing the African diaspora caused by slave trading. Includes a map showing the return of slave descendents.

Africa - National Geographic Map Machine
Offers an interactive map of the continent, with links to countries and regions.

Africa - Outline Map
See and print a blank outline map of Africa, featuring more than 50 countries. Useful for educators and parents in teaching kids geography.

Africa - Map
Features a large, graphical map of the continent with each country outlined and identified. Click on any one for a brief country almanac.

Africa - Variety of Map Types
Find a variety of maps detailing political boundaries, topography and vegetation. Includes early African hominid and Australopithecine sites.

Africa -
High-definition, interactive map of Africa allows visitors to click on a country to find a portal that includes member messages and travel tips.

African Maps - African Roof
Presents an alphabetical list of African countries with information about highest elevations and links to maps for that area. - Africa Map
Peruse this professional, color map of Africa to study the countries of the continent and geographic locations. Each country includes a profile.

East Africa Maps - ReliefWeb
Browse a long list of relief and other types of maps for various countries and regions of East Africa.

Northwestern Africa - Atlapedia Online
Access a richly-colored physical map of northwestern Africa, including the Ivory Coast, Morrocco and the Sahara Desert.
Maps of Africa

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