6 Trends of the 90’s That Can Not Miss in Your Closet

It is already summer, which means that we can use fresh, modern and comfortable clothes without heat to die in the attempt. The dynamics of the world of fashion is like a boomerang, everything is going have to return at some point. Since last year, a specific time has been making its return to the world of fashion and pop culture with more force, being one of the most palpable comebacks of our generation. I’m talking fashion of the 90s. 

Chokers, white tennis, much denim, dresses cotton, Scottish printing, simple fabrics, stripes, grunge style, much glitter and muses as Winona Ryder, Kate Moss or Gwen Stefani. Then, meet five garments more adaptable nineties our wardrobe for this summer.

  1. overalls: the denim jumpsuit is easy to match and one of the most comfortable to wear based on Entertainmentdns, Jean is one of the cooler fabrics, ideal for the hot season. Is well known that Jean comes in a variety of shades: dark, deslavada, acid wash, clear, colors, patterns, etc. Choose your favorite and use it with a simple t-shirt short sleeves or straps. If you opted for a traditional denim style, add color to your look with a strong colors or printed blouse.
  2. Chokers: the chokers are commonly associated with the punk style or grunge, however, make it easy to use and carry with any clothing the variety of styles of this accessory. In the summer, we often use neck bass, strapless tops or with a little more than cleavage; This makes the chokers an ideal accessory for the season of heat, since they make the neck look. There are Rhinestones, plastic, leather, silver, gold charms with or without pendants. Choose your favorite and adds to your look this versatile accessory.
  3. ombligueras: also known as crop tops, these blouses are easy to use and come in all colors and patterns. Cotton are the most economic and comfortable and can give the perfect balance to a look if you use them with skirts maxi, to the knee, pencil, cut to, or shorts to waist.
  4. Scottish print: stamped tartan Scottish has always been linked with this time and there are many ways to use it without appearing that we are going to school. For a relaxed look, my favorite are the buttons with a simple t-shirt shirts below (especially with some graphic vintage), denim waist shorts and converse. Mini skirts with these prints are a looming reminder of ‘Clueless’ cult film starring Alicia Silverstone. It is worth mentioning that Scottish stamping is not elusive autumn or winter season.
  5. shorts at the waist: this trend has been fashionable for some years, but it does have a tilt stage. To start or give the vintage or grunge to any look, shorts at the waist will never fail.
  6. cushions: Finally, these comfortable Sandals Cork and leather were extremely popular in the pinch of the 1990s, however, this year they have become very popular due to the variety of colors and styles that come, as well as being very comfortable. Add them with your outfit for a comfortable, relaxed and modern style.