1980s Hair-Reach: Returns The Wavy Plate

Who not has had as a teenager an iron that you literally frying the hair? All, was fashion, what was, despite already having the hair curly from itself, as it is my case for example, had to be ironed hair style Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Bananarama, or Kylie Minogue. It was the grace.

The year past Paris fall/winter Couture shows brought us back this eighties flavor, a curious choice since nothing seems to have to do that crazy, and why not say, tacky decade, with the refinement of the Haute Couture, but Karl Lagerfeld, than that of the eighties takes you deep inside, and but what I say those mittens is not removed or to shooting, and those skinny jeans, and those strings, enfin, for what followed; He wore to his rigorous black Coco Chanel models but it gave them a punk touch with ironing type crimped.

The thing is that fashion seems that it strikes again this winter, After a season of total smooth, again the curls more artificial way. We must draw from the trunk of memories these irons of yesteryear that did so much damage to the aesthetics and hair health…