15-Year Dress: Tips and Inspirations to Choose From

The 15-year party is more than simply the celebration of yet another year in the lives of many girls. It is a long awaited moment that demands planning for the night to be unforgettable! In addition to the decor , guest list, and so many other details, the debutante needs to think about what will highlight her on her special night: her dress!

Can you choose a favorite to serve as a role model for yours

See dozens of models of dresses that will inspire you, essential tips to avoid mistakes when choosing, as well as know where to buy (or rent) and suggestions for the party guests!

Short 15 year dresses

There are no rules to decide when to wear each dress, but usually the short dresses are worn at the party reception. Models are not lacking: the rounds, the simplest ones, with gloss, with embroideries, the smooth ones and many others. Check out some:

Classic 15 year dresses

Classic dresses are perfect for the waltz moment at more traditional parties, but there are many girls who wear this style all night long, after all, one model is more incredible than the other! Usually the classic dresses are in the “cake” style, more rounded; but in a matter of color, there are many options, just think the style that suits you!

With glitter or full of embroidery, these dresses are charming and will make you stand out in your evening!

Simple 15 Year Dresses

The simplest dresses are perfect for smaller events and for those who want to feel more comfortable. They are lighter and do not lack variety. If you love the “basic little black” type, know that you have the ability to wear it even at your debutante party!

Dresses for 15 years daring

Bold dresses draw much attention to the debutante. If you want to make the evening truly unforgettable and to be remembered, choosing a dress that highlights you is indispensable!

Can you choose a favorite to serve as a role model for yours?

6 Sure Tips to Help Choose the Right Template for You

After seeing all these models, you may already have an idea of which dresses are more of your style and taste to finally choose your debutante dress. Check out 6 tips to select your model!

  1. Search online: Take a look on the internet and choose the types that suit you best: For example, if you prefer the more rounded, simple or mermaid types. With the models you like in mind, it’s easier to select one of them!
  2. Party Theme: If you already know the decoration of your special day, your dress can also be a great highlight from that. Thinking about the theme of the party can inspire you to find a dress that fits perfectly to the event.
  3. A dress or two: Generally, the debutantes wear more of a dress throughout the party, but this is in their discretion to decide. There are models in 2-in-1 dresses, in which the syrup is removable, making the costume short and usually end up being cheaper!
  4. About size and measurements: It is ideal that you try on the dress and check if everything is right to avoid inconvenience in your special evening! Check if the length is suitable and if possible, check the workpiece finish.
  5. To choose the color: Think of one that values you, pleases you and highlights you. Remembering that enhancement does not always come from vibrant colors, colors like navy blue, white and black do not stop you from highlighting if you have preferences for more neutral or dark colors!
  6. Lastly, do not let go of your comfort. Choose practical models that will not disturb you at night, after all, it will be long and must be unforgettable.

With these tips and a variety of dresses to inspire you, it becomes easier to choose your debutante model.

Buy or Rent?

A frequent question regarding the debutante dress is whether it pays to rent or buy the costume for the occasion. The answer to this depends on the needs and preferences of each birthday girl, since there are advantages and disadvantages in both options.

  • Advantages of the purchase: Acquiring a dress is usually more expensive than renting, however when buying the piece, it is possible to carry out as many tests as necessary so that the dress adjustments are exactly the same for your body, besides you can keep the piece as a souvenir of the moment and the dress is a more exclusive and more customizable piece to your own style.
  • Advantages of Renting: Renting also has its advantages, especially with regard to price, which is usually lower than buying a model (even more so if the debutante chooses more than one dress to wear at the party). Another highlight for the rental of dresses is to be able to use pieces of recognized stylists that would be out of budget for many girls, but that through rent, end up being feasible to pay for only one night.

In Brazil, the Dress and Go website serves the internet and rents dresses all over the country. You can choose how many days you need the piece, plus of course, decide the size and know information and tips offered by the website about the dress. The price varies greatly according to the model you want. There is also the online rental service of the brand Arthur Caliman and the value of the rent is around 499.00 reais for 4 days. In online rent, however, there is no way to be sure of the exact measurements of the dress, and you will have to return it shortly after the party.

One tip is to consult nearby party dress stores, inquire about the issue of adjustments. If you are renting more than one dress, do everything in the same place to negotiate prices and get more practical to return them in one place. If you decide to use more than one model, you can choose one to buy and another to rent, depending on what you consider best for the occasion.

Dresses for the guests

The guests can wear dresses less elaborate than the birthday girl, but with the same charm! Try to know the style of the party and what the occasion demands to hit the dress.

If you’ve been invited to a debutante party and you have no idea what to wear, look at some models to inspire you!