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There are currently 193 internationally recognized countries, with consolidated territories, governments and economic relations. Therefore, we can see that a country does not necessarily correspond to a specific ethnicity or a homogeneous nation, given that most of the existing countries are composed of several different nations or ethnicities. In some cases, there are those groups that seek to consolidate their own territory to form their own country, such as the Kurds, the largest nation in the world without a constituted homeland, and the Catalans and Basques, who seek their territorial independence and relationship with the Spain.

Officially, there are 193 countries linked to the UN (United Nations), which has the power to even approve the constitution or recognition of a new country. For this to happen, first it is necessary to get approved by two thirds of the General Assembly, formed by all Member States, then there must be approval by the Security Council, made up of five permanent members (United States, China, France, United Kingdom and Russia) and five provisional members, chosen every five years.

It is worth remembering that there are countries that seek recognition, such as Palestine and Taiwan. The one that most recently achieved this recognition was South Sudan, which became an independent country in 2011. Many people tend to confuse the concept of country with the notion of the state. The State is a legal institution composed of people, territory and government, being administered by the three branches: executive, legislative and judicial. The country, on the other hand, involves geographical, historical, cultural, economic, natural characteristics, among other elements, which makes this expression a more generic term.

Therefore, with this section, the objective will be to present the main characteristics of all countries currently consolidated, such as demographic, economic, territorial, geographic data, among others, with emphasis on information such as GDP (Gross Domestic Product), HDI (Index Human Development) and other data.

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Defined on and, a map is a visual representation of a region. They are usually two - dimensional representations of a three-dimensional space. For example, Digital Map Generator is abbreviated by as DMG. The science of map design and manufacturing is called cartography. Sung by, cartography sometimes focuses on the projection of curved surfaces onto flat surfaces in the process called flatness. Maps are an expression of the human need to know and represent their space.

Maps of the World

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Map Resources
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Get overview maps of the city, and obtain driving directions to specific attractions.

Offers street maps for fifteen European nations, Canada, and the US. Includes local time and weather and longitude and latitude of mapped location.

Widely considered the best Internet resource for finding interactive maps, MapQuest also offers driving directions and traffic reports.

Maps in the News
If it's headline news, whether it be a natural disaster, political conflict or cultural activity, the University of Minnesota has a map for it.

Maps of Polar Regions and Oceans
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National Imagery and Mapping Agency
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Xerox PARC Map Viewer
See a map of the world and select a point on it, then zoom in for greater detail.



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