Zara, Collection Autumn-Winter

Zara It is not characterized by precisely launch a major communication campaign. Its advertising is null, settling in the publicity that emerges from the purchase of important buildings in the best streets of the city and few more facts. In contrast to other large firms as Hugo Boss o Armani, his official website is as simple (and at the same time, useless) that one can see.

Agree with no advertising, good strategy, but there, to go with laboratory pipette supplying the new images of the autumn/winter campaign 2008 / 2009, there is a step.

For now we only could see images that illustrate the header while in stores already carrying the new line for more than one month as little. I do not consider to be the most successful for its part, but we must also assess what Zara, a brand that is used for the basics, to buy, place and tomorrow forget about it. Does this justify zero communication? No, because H & M It is the same, and that provides detailed information.

The brand new line of Inditex There is a great model, as it is Sasha Pivovarova, to show off some of the designs proposed in the latest fashion.

So we can see the great coats the season from stunnerdresses, which reach up to the knee, and prefer dark colors; as also the Maxi cardigans wool dresses in fewer cold days.

The signature of Amancio Ortega does not abandon his “good manners” too resemble other major brands, and bet on some high heel shoes very high and open that we have already seen in other windows. There are also the high boots you are both watching when choosing footwear.

If when choosing what to wear we don’t know with what article we decide, the most efficient and effective this season, is to bet by any design that seeming to be folk. Zara has great variety of floral clothing or dresses like the one shown in the image.

And if ours is not the folk style, or any reminiscence to the field, we bet by dressing in a more manly way. There are the Oxford bags Zara has already managed to take off, even though they are not as manicured as the other brands, and that combined with broader jackets, where a handkerchief, a cloth or scarf, they are indispensable accessories if you want to go to fashion.

I’d like to have it illustrated with more images, but it is impossible to invent them when they do not exist. What you think of this new line autumn-winter of Zara?