You Decide: Leggings As Pants, Yes Or No?

We have repeated it ad nauseam, have created groups of Facebook (Yes, I know, Facebook groups are very 2012), has risen to mortal sin in the world of the fashionismo, and it has even become a kind of mantra: the leggings are not pants. But once again, the strength of trends becomes willing to do that let us eat our words to us and end up falling in that never say never. Because you’re wearing leggings as pants, now, it is well.

My first feeling on the matter is confusion, because most of the looks you will find bicheando by the network respond to situations pre and post gym, although the subjects made a mega mix with mean result of medium sport vestidad dressed in street. You put the dancers either or you put the bag and the jersey, which it is not noticed.

You almost could include a second question that would be to go to the gym already dressed instead of change there, yes or no? Because of these two ladies is rather I take that I already finished to do errands.

The Jenner, who is very leggings, takes up the idea of the mix and is placed with the leggings a crop top and a chaleco-abrigo, with baseball cap to complete styling. Friends, so do not try at home.

Leaving aside the sporty outfits, the controversy comes when the llegins lieu of pants in purely Street outfits, as these are shirt and blouse. Once again, mother nature is unfair, and it is that the visual result is not the same when you have a few thin and cute feet that when that looks like a hooligan, for that of the inlay.

Because mother nature is unfair, but the style even more, and if we want to bring some leggings as pants may be a monument to the chonismo, a very important point is the shoes. And the plane is that better complements it, which means that we will lose the shaping effect of the heels.

Leggings for the night time, ideal to mark you an Olivia Newton-John at the time agachu-emoutuplayer

In addition to its closest market, the Leggings have returned to our stores and threaten to stay. Because you look, in autumn and winter can have a pass, but in the summer… They munch the tragedy.

Black like these from Zara, the first with zippers at the Gigi Hadid (19.95 EUR) and these effect body shaping, to see if doing a little trap improves the thing (19.95 EUR).

Or giving all with handle, with these models prints only can lead us to the worst… Or not. The left costs 45,99 EUR; the pattern of porcelain, 22.99 euros.

Pre-testing give not a clear victory, but hopefully the elections… speaking people speaking!