Yes, That We Have Printed Feline for Time (In All Its Versions)

Posted by admin on June 22, 2017

Non, non, non, non, non. This is not right: years ago I am saturated the feline print, but yet this season after season is still present and won’t be or with turpentine. And more since Kenzo launched its collection Spring-summer 2013 with the print in full color with very different tones as red, green, yellow or lilac. And of course, firms come to clone the desperate. But desperate for me, which I do not know how to do it to avoid meeting me with any parts in this print. All the versions are accepted, as well as garments where are presented. Are you going to bite this summer with something?

If what you want is a colorful and different t-shirt, You may try with those where the pattern occurs in XXL version with different tones to which we were accustomed. None of brown tones, the explosion of colour is present.

  • T-shirt printed animal color of Zara TRF, 15.95 EUR.
  • T-shirt with braided waist of H & M, 24,95 EUR.
  • Top with 3/4 sleeve, zipper and Leopard-print of Olivia Rubin, 59,65 euros.

The sweatshirt with the Kenzo Tiger He did much damage, why firms continue launching versions as starting point the feline face. Tiger or Leopard, no matter which Cute Kitten have reflected.

  • Sweatshirt with embroidered tiger head of H & M, 34,95 EUR.
  • White Sweatshirt sleeve short with the tiger head of Zara, 29,95 EUR.
  • Sweater with Tiger’s ASOs, 39,77 euros.

But if in summer only wear dresses and want to try with this print, perhaps these versions are made for you.

  • Short in shades of yellow and purple gown of Topshop, 47 euros.
  • Leopard print dress from Mango, 29.99 euros.

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